No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0219

“Nevermind. Some people are too thick-faced, and we can’t do anything about it! If she says that she has a 911 and yet she doesn’t drive it here, what can we do? We can’t just go to her house to take a look at it, right?”

As a plan brewed on its own in her head, Britney then spoke with a disdainful grin, “All right then. How about this? Since it’s a class reunion, why don’t we just go Dutch for today’s bill? We’ll split expenses by counting heads. I believe that someone who drives a Porsche 911 would have no qualms about this?”

No one was dumb enough not to realize the implication of this; they knew Britney was stirring trouble with Selena on purpose. She was evidently not pleased, looking at her boyfriend’s ex. Matt had even spoken up on her behalf earlier, and this only made a petty person like her even more vexed. The bill here would definitely not be cheap and everyone would still need to fork out quite a bit of money even after they split it. It would be awkward for Selena and Jack if they did not have any money.

“Sure thing! I think this works out. Dylan is a factory manager, but it’s not easy for him to earn money too. We can’t just take advantage of his generosity. Let’s go Dutch!” Hugh’s girlfriend stepped forward and spoke, a small smile on her face.

Dylan and Rachel did not want to treat everyone in the first place, so they were happy when they heard this. The couple immediately agreed to the idea. Since the majority agreed, including the fairly earning Rosa and the stylish bespectacled man who did not lack money, the others also agreed.

“So what now? Everyone has already agreed to it. What about you two? It isn’t cheap here. You better think twice! Still, even if we call for a vote, you’d have to go along with the majority, so your vote doesn’t matter!” Here, Britney seemed even more arrogant.

“I’ll go along with whatever you decide, Honey!” Selena was unsure of their financial circumstances. They had just spent 5 million to buy two cars today. She did not know how much was left in Jack’s card. If they did not have at least one or two hundred thousand dollars, they really could not go in to have dinner. After all, Jack must have spent almost all of his money by now. Ever since he came back, he spent over 8 million in total.

“Whatever you want, really. I intended to treat them to dinner tonight. After all, I haven’t treated your classmates to a meal after we married. This is the first time I’m meeting all of you, so I thought that I’d treat everyone this once. I never thought that you guys wanted to go Dutch but, since it’s like that, let’s do it then!” came Jack’s sincere assurance, though with a wry smile on his face.

He had spoken with Selena on the way here. These were her old schoolmates and, as her husband, he should be the one up keeping her reputation. He did intend to foot the bill. Of course, then they could call for another gathering had they turned out to be kind people. Since they were snobs and unsightly people, this was going to be the last dinner they had together.
He never expected that woman to think he could not even foot the bill if they split it. What a joke! Never mind going Dutch: He could probably buy the entire Lotus Bar and Lounge.

“Hah! Since you wanted to do that, who are we to rob you of that opportunity?”

Britney was stunned for a while. ‘This fellow was making empty brags for the sake of his pride again,’ she thought. If this was the case, it would fit just fine with her agenda.

“You’re going to treat us to dinner? True. You’re the husband of our class belle. It’s only natural that you treat us, having married such a beautiful woman!” The bespectacled man adjusted his gold-rimmed glasses. A coy smile played on his lips.

“What’s going on now? Just now you said that it was not easy for Dylan to make money, and now you think that it’s not easy for me to make money because I’m the one treating you to dinner?”

Jack thought that the situation was hilarious. These people wanted to turn him into a joke.

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