No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0220

Everyone visibly stiffened when they heard this, especially Britney. Her features immediately contorted.

“That’s different,” Britney retorted, “and Dylan isn’t obligated to treat us to dinner. He’s just generous. Anyway, you said it yourself; it’s your first time meeting us. This and that are different! What now? Don’t tell me that you’re scared because we want you to treat us now?”

Quite a few people barely stifled their laughter. After Jack heard that they were going Dutch, he did say he wanted to treat them to dinner. Why did he not say anything earlier if he wanted to boast so badly? It was obvious that he wanted to pretend that he was rich, even though he had no intention of forking out money. Unfortunately, everyone had a terrible impression of both Selena and her husband now, thus they mocked them without thinking twice anymore.

“All right then. This meal is on me. Let’s go! Let’s drink to our heart’s content!” Jack said after he gave it some thought.

“Let me warn you that this bar is pretty expensive. The least you’ll have to pay is 10 to 20 thousand dollars. I can’t say how high the bill will go. A few hundred thousand or even more, perhaps! Also, the people who frequent this bar are mostly rich young men from affluent families. Are you sure you want to treat us?” Britney said, grinning.

She assumed that Jack would be scared sh*tless after he heard this, and he would not have the confidence to go in.

Yet Jack replied blithely, “Rich young men? I’ve seen plenty of them. Ken Clark, Michael Wilson, Neil Hugo, and the likes!”

Everyone took in a sharp intake of breath when they heard this. These three men were all young masters of aristocratic families. Before Dylan and the others, Britney was regarded as a wealthy young lady, but the Lee family was regarded as a second-rate blueblood family. As for someone who opened a small factory like Dylan, he was nothing to these aristocrats. They did not just dabble in the manufacturing of one product, and they certainly did not open just one factory.

“My God, you know that many aristocrats?” Dylan gulped. The light in his eyes as he regarded Jack shifted.

“Of course, especially Ken Clark and Neil Hugo. I’ve beaten them up real good, though I haven’t touched Michael Wilson yet!” Jack flashed a wicked smile as he spoke bluntly.

Everyone’s faces twitched. Was this guy serious? This guy had beaten up those two young masters? Would their underlings stand for it?

“Hmph. You really know how to brag!” Britney’s lips quickly curved into a frosty smile after her initial shock subsided. “You’ve seen them before, do you? Plenty of people have seen them too. If you walk on the streets and spot them from afar, that counts as ‘seeing’ them too. And did you really think that we’d believe that you’ve beaten them up? You’d be long dead if you had done that!”

Anxiety twisted Selena’s guts. Jack was speaking the truth, but it was too preposterous for them to believe. If she had not seen it with her own eyes, she probably would not have believed it herself.

“Seriously though, you speak lies so easily as though you’re being honest. You almost had me fooled, but we’re not idiots. It’s so easy to see that it’s impossible once you put some thought into it. You’re just a retired military man. Could you still be here talking to us, alive and well, if you really beat up the young masters of the Clarks and the Wilsons? Oh, wait, don’t tell me… You’re a spirit talking to us!”

The man with the gold-rimmed glasses smiled, his eyes narrowing. “Oh dear. Never mind that Selena is now a prideful person who brags about things she doesn’t have—I never expected her husband to be an even greater braggart than her! You two are truly a match made in heaven!”

“Quiet, Carl!” Only Hugh spoke up for Selena and Jack; he did push them to come over, after all. Now that everyone was belittling Selena, he felt guilty.

It was only when he saw that Hugh was not happy did Carl say, “All right, all right. Let’s go in. I’m drinking more if someone’s buying!”

“Sure, sure. Drink more!”

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