No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0222

“Wow! We didn’t hear it wrong, did we? Are you talking about the big, opulent, private room of Lotus Bar and Lounge?” Rachel was taken aback. She started to doubt that she heard it wrongly. Jack wanted to go to the room that had a million-dollar price tag as its minimum consumption?

Everyone in the scene was suspicious of Jack’s words. ‘How could Jack request for the big room when he did not even have the spending power for the middle room?’ they questioned.

“Didn’t you say there’s a piano there? I want to listen to my wife playing the piano. We have to go there.” Jack shrugged.

“That room is so expensive… No way, we’re not going there! I’ll play piano for you when I’m free. Be a good boy for me, okay?” Selena rolled her eyes at Jack, and continued, “We’ve already spent more than 5 million for two cars today! You think your wallet is bottomless? Don’t squander anymore!”

“Huh? Porsche 911 for 5 million dollars? Are you kidding me? Have you ever seen a Porsche, Selena? You’ve already exposed yourself!” Dylan interrupted the couple in a mocking tone. “You should at least see how fishes swim even if you haven’t enjoyed them!”

“They were saying two Porsche 911s and that the price will be around 5 million for two. Don’t twist their words!” Rachel echoed in a sardonic tone, laughing uncontrollably. “They wouldn’t make such a shallow joke, okay?”

“Stop faking your spending power! If you really have 5 million, take it out and treat us tonight in this medium room! That big room of Lotus is for world class businessmen to have their business discussion. I don’t even dare spend money alone there.”

Carl grinned sardonically. “Stop pretending! I can’t bear it anymore!”

Matt, who stayed quiet all the time, finally voiced out, “You have my respect for being the most pretentious couple, echoing one another! How shameless!”

He then looked at his ex, Selena and said, “Selena Taylor, are you trying to prove that you’re doing better than I am? Do you really have to do so? Don’t you dare to think that we didn’t know what happened to you in the past few years! You think you could cover it up by not contacting us all this while?”

“I agree! Who doesn’t know that you had been cast out by the Taylor family, couldn’t find a job anywhere, and was forced to pick up trash for a living? Someone even saw you picking up trash with a kid! What now? Trying to fake your wealth in front of us? Is it so hard for you to admit that you’re actually poor?” Britney stepped forward and chimed in perfectly.

She then continued, “If you really want the big private room, ask me. I’m the richest and wealthiest here! Our family, the Lee family, is a third-class aristocrat family! A million is a mere peanut to us!”

“You’re right. I was forced to pick trash for a living, it’s nothing to be ashamed of,” Selena’s face dropped and replied, icy-cold as she did so. “But that was before. Now I’m with Jack, and we both have proper jobs with medium range salaries. It’s not as bad as you think. It’s enough for us to live comfortably.”

“Wow! You sure? You have a job?” Matt smirked. “What kind of job can you do? A bodyguard? I’m so curious!”

A wry smile hung on Selena’s face. “You’re right. Jack is indeed a bodyguard right now, but he’s so much better than you anyway. Do you have a job now? Or your own business?” she retorted expressionlessly.

“Oh, I forgot! You, too, have a job! Your job is to please Miss Britney, right? She’s the only daughter in the Lee family, and you’ll get all her money when you marry her, am I right?” She continued bluntly. “Tsk, tsk, tsk. I knew you pretty well back then. Your two criteria for a life partner is good money and her being the only child of the family.”

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