No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0224

After hearing that statement, everyone present almost burst out laughing. How outrageous would it be to say that the Drake family benefited from hiring a bodyguard for 20 million? If that was the case, it would mean the family members were complete idiots.

“how comical this is! A bodyguard for 20 million and they benefited from it? Please, they can hire a few hundred bodyguards with that kind of money. Excellent ones, even!” Rachel cackled out loud.

“Right, are you taking the Drake family for a bunch of fools? Not even their commander gets paid that much, right?” Carl added.

The statement Selena made earlier was basically saying Jack was more impressive than them, and they were more offended than what they let on. They could not understand how a mere bodyguard could be better than them who made more than 10 million annually.

“It doesn’t matter if you guys believe me or not, but that’s how much my husband is getting paid. That was personally assured by Miss Tanya herself, so it can’t be a mistake!” Selena was incredibly furious as she originally thought of this as a simple casual gathering. She never expected that there would be a few snobs among them.

Moreover, if she had known both sugarbabies Matt and Rachel would be here, she would never have come. Since the situation had already progressed to the way it was, she had to fight for her pride. She had been very patient toward them from the start, yet she did not expect them to keep testing her patience by calling Jack a useless soldier. If it was not for Jack fending off the enemies in the frontlines, would they still be able to enjoy their comfortable and peaceful life?

“Alright, alright. Everything you say is true, okay?” Trevor chuckled. He then turned toward Selena and asked, “Didn’t you get a job as well? What job is that? Share it with us and let’s see if it’s better than the job I found.”

Selena frowned. She was rather close with Trevor and Hugh when she was still studying back then, and she was only willing to come this time mainly because of them both. She did not expect Trevor would come forward at this moment to target her as well.

Selena did not answer his question. Instead, she questioned him back. “You’re going for an interview tomorrow, right? For the position of a manager’s assistant? 20, 30 thousand per month? What company is that to have offered such high wages to an assistant?”

Trevor chuckled. “It happens to be a prominent company. It’s Drake Dynasty Real Estate under the Drake Group. Not to mention, they’re currently in charge of a major project, the same project over at South Hill Real Estate!”

Trevor had a prideful look on his face as he pompously added, “Don’t worry. I’ll nail the interview tomorrow, no doubt!”

“Really now? That confident?” Selena frowned. Was that not the same company she was currently working in? “Which department manager’s assistant are you interviewing for?” she prodded further.

“The procurement manager’s assistant,” Trevor answered, another short chuckle escaping his lips. “My girlfriend happens to be a supervisor there as well, so my interview will go on smoothly. Besides, my resume is pretty impressive too. When they heard that I returned from overseas, who wouldn’t worship me? It doesn’t matter if I had wasted my life overseas or didn’t learn much… Who knows what exactly I was up to overseas, right?”

“Moreover, with the sheer mention of being abroad—on top of me boasting a little on my resume—would naturally win over people these days. Of course, my girlfriend is the supervisor there, so she can help put a good word in for me. How is that not a guaranteed success?”

Trevor then added, “I heard that the procurement manager is a beautiful lady. However, she might’ve had an affair with the Drake family’s young master to be in that position. Otherwise, how could she be a manager the moment she entered the company?”

Trevor had a smug look on his face.

Jack felt awkward while he listened on the side. Was this manager he mentioned not Selena?

“That female manager had an affair with the Drake family’s young master? Your girlfriend told you that? Does she have any proof?” Selena’s expression dimmed. She did not expect Sonia would say that about her behind her back. It was a good thing she came to this reunion, and it was fortunate that Sonia was absent today. Selena might never know about this if this did not happen.

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