No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0225

“Is it necessary for proof now?” Trevor cackled out loud and spoke in a very prideful manner, “Do you know who my girlfriend is? She’s a distant relative to the Drake family and had worked there for a good number of years now. She should be the one getting promoted to the position of a manager, but that manager of theirs appeared out of nowhere. She’s attractive and dresses suggestively, so if she isn’t having an affair with the Drake family’s young master, would she even get special treatment like this?”

As he was making that statement, he continued with a much more exciting statement, “The previous manager only had about a few hundred thousand dollars per month but when this manager enters, guess how much she makes a month? A monthly wage of over a million! Now you tell me: isn’t that fishy? This woman has to be hooking up with the young master and had sexual relationships with him privately. How else would she get such treatment?”

“Too many women are making a living based on their appearance these days!” Matt joined in.

“Do you think anyone is exactly like you?” Selena was beyond furious as she gave him a murderous glare.

“I wasn’t even talking about you! What are you getting so worked up for?” Matt had a very dissatisfied look on his face.

“You guys are making baseless accusations. You’re asking for a beating!” Jack’s expressions dimmed as he subtly clenched his fist.

However, Selena who was sitting beside him shook her head and signaled at him not to act so rashly. Jack held himself back after seeing Selena’s reaction.

“I heard Rachel mentioned that you’re a rash brute for being a soldier previously. I see that it’s true. You keep saying that people are asking for a beating for minor things. Do you think that everything can be solved with violence? You have to use your head next time!” Hugh’s girlfriend rolled her eyes at Jack.

Jack laughed. “As long as you’re powerful enough, everything can be solved through violence,” he spoke. “If a single punch can’t, then two punches can do the trick!”

After he was done speaking, he immediately spoke to the waitress, “Hey, lady, mind switching the room for me? I won’t be stingy on your tips later if you’re still going to be our waitress!”

After the waitress heard that, she was immediately delighted. “Thank you, Sir!” she beamed.

After she was done, the waitress immediately led them to a different room. “This way, please!”

“Don’t be too happy so soon, Miss. This man just so happens to be a veteran and now he’s working as a bodyguard. Do you genuinely think his monthly wage is 20 million?”

“Even if it’s true, he was only back a few days ago. He hasn’t even gotten his paycheck yet, so I think he might not be able to foot the bill later. Everyone will be detained here!”

Everyone got into the elevator and arrived at the second floor together. From the second floor, everything on the first floor could be observed. The second floor encircled the entire perimeter and its middle portion was empty.

The huge building looked like an overturned bowl.

“No, I believe him. He was willing to fork out a couple million just to listen to his wife play the piano. Someone who loved their wives this much would never lie!” the waitress replied with a smile. Since she had worked as a waitress here for a long time, she had seen and met all kinds of people. She believed in her judgment.

“Since you have a sweet tongue, your tips tonight won’t be lower than 10 thousand!” Jack replied, a smile on his face as he did so.

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