No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0226

“10 thousand dollars?” Rosa gasped after hearing that; Jack must have been lying.

She had worked so hard for a month only to receive meager pay. To put it in a much better way, she was only a supervisor yet she felt extremely exhausted. Yet, here Jack was: casually telling the waitress that he would give her 10 thousand as her tip. That was too much, was it not?

“Thank you so much, Sir!”

The pretty waitress was also very delighted. The usual source of income would be the commissions they make from the alcohol they serve. Nonetheless, these commissions were very low. Adding that to their base salary, the total was not even close to 10 thousand.

Indeed, there would be customers who gave them tips, yet getting 3 to 5 thousand as their tip would make their day.

Even if their guests were some young masters from second or third-class aristocratic families, a generous tip from them would be about 2 to 3 thousand dollars; waitresses like them were very insignificant to their eyes. If they enjoyed their company, they would reward them. If they did not, they might even yell at them.

“Don’t worry about it!” Jack smiled; the impression the woman left on him was positive. She basically would not say anything she should not on top of keeping a professional smile on her face. She looked very respectful.

Suddenly, Trevor chuckled. “A boastful man you are,” he commented. “The thing is that someone actually bought it!”

Upon noticing Trevor was going out of his way to pick on Jack, Selena smiled and said, “Trevor, you said it yourself earlier: You didn’t study much while you were abroad. You spend every day enjoying life there then boast about it when you return. You’re telling me that you want to work as that manager’s assistant with that behavior? I think you’re a little too full of yourself!”

“Full of myself?” Trevor cackled out loud and said, “There isn’t much of a choice for that female manager. My girlfriend faked a preliminary interview and rejected everyone that came for that position, leaving only my resume and another girl’s resume. However, that girl doesn’t even exist. Till then, all Sonia needs to do is tell their manager that the girl caught a cold and couldn’t make it!”

“That means I’m the only one left to be chosen. Besides, I had been abroad for some time, and that fake resume won’t be more outstanding than mine. So you can tell me now: If it isn’t me who will attend the interview, who else can it be?”

The longer Trevor spoke, the more prideful he became. “This is called benefiting from having a mole on the inside. Do you understand?”

“that’s pretty impressive!” Selena chuckled before looking at Rosa beside her. She said, “That’s right, Rosa, your monthly wage is about 10 thousand, right? That’s not bad, what job is that?”

A sigh escaped Rosa’s lips. “It’s not worth mentioning. That tiny company is depressing. Sometimes, they wouldn’t pay me for the overtime I did. I’m just a supervisor and yet I had to do a lot of things outside my job scope. Moreover, it’s construction work! Such meager pay. Now that I’ve paid my rent, I don’t have much left to save up after my meager budget for food and other necessities.”

Upon bringing up her job, Rosa cracked a bitter smile as she said, “Supervisor on paper but in reality, I’m busier than anyone else…”

After she was done speaking, she looked at Selena and said, “Selena, I remembered you being quite capable at work. Why don’t you come work for my company? I’ll talk to my manager to see if they’re able to offer you some work. Now that you’re exiled from the Taylor family, you’re no longer the lady you once was and you should accept reality now, okay?”

After Selena heard that statement, her heart was moved. It seemed Rosa cared about her a lot since she hoped that Selena could have a better life for herself.

It was then when Hugh spoke out, “Yeah, my purpose of inviting Selena out today was to ask everyone if any of you have any suitable job for her. However, since Selena mentioned she got a job earlier and it’s uncertain if it’s real or not, I was a little shy to bring it up!”

“My factory lacks manpower to move things. If a pretty lady like you thinks it’s okay, then you can come to work!” Dylan mused.

Rachel chuckled coldly before mocking her intentionally, “What are you talking about? Her husband makes 20 million a month. It doesn’t matter if she works or not, right? Does she even need to do hard labor?”

“Fair point. I almost forgot about it!” Dylan laughed hysterically.

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