No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0228

Selena became skittish right away. This fellow here was a soldier; how could he possibly know how to play the piano even though he was not always a mindless brute?

Music and dance would be extremely sacred to people who understood them as it was something that could connect souls. How could one not take it seriously?

She would not mind if her husband was to play poorly, but even if she was to dance majestically, she could never be in sync with a ‘chaotic tune’.

Jack’s level should not be too poor at the very least. Only then could she forcefully dance with his tune.

“F—Forget it. Everyone will be singing and drinking later anyway…” Selena laughed mirthlessly, her statement sounding more depressed than what she let on. Even in her eyes, there were shreds of disappointment and sadness inside.

She had not danced in a very long time, and she had almost forgotten that ‘Selena’ who used to dance so elegantly on the stage like a swan. She would feel different every time she got on stage to dance back then; it was as though the entire stage was hers and only hers. The cheers from the audience would make her feel incredibly fulfilled.

Of course, these were things of the past and she could no longer have the same feeling she felt from back then; the feeling of understanding the deeper meaning of a dance through her heart and soul.

“I think you should just forget about it. Your hands are made for swords and spears, so please don’t embarrass yourself with elegant things like holding a pen or performing a dance!” Britney laughed, a cynical undertone detected in her chuckle.

“Matt, your piano skills are pretty impressive back then. It’d be a perfect performance if you play the piano and Selena dances. That’d be a perfect balance of music and dance!”

Rachel then added fuel to the flame, saying, “You’re no longer together, but you’ve dated back then, no? Why don’t you just give it a shot, Matt? I believe both of you will be a perfect match!”

Needless to say, she said all that to provoke Jack.

“Let’s begin, Honey!” Jack simply ignored her as he gently touched the black and white keys; it was as though he was caressing a baby’s skin.

A press on a key made Jack titter. Five years of battle had almost made him forget about his childhood dream.

His childhood dream was to become a pianist. He had never expected he would become a soldier. Even more so, he never expected he would be fighting on the battlefield to defend the borders. Of course, times have changed and he no longer held regrets. It was being on the battlefield that he felt true friendship between his comrades. He felt the fighting spirit between his comrades. If it were not for the countless near-death encounters in the last five years, he would not have been honed into such a sharp blade.

A simple touch made his thoughts race endlessly. Soon, he found himself swimming in childhood memories as he immersed himself within that sacred ground. All of that turned into an orchestra of music and notes surrounding him as they danced.

“No way… He knows how to play the piano!” Britney was so shocked that her lower jaw almost fell to the ground. Was this brat not a takeout delivery boy that had gotten enlisted as a soldier for five years? Surely there was no piano on the battlefield.

Moreover, Jack was just an ordinary man back then, and if he could keep himself warm and fed, it would have made his day. How could he still have the time and money to learn how to play music?

Yet, here Jack was. His fingers seemed to be moving on its own and the harmonic tone made everyone feel as if they were floating mid-air. It soon picked up the pace and turned softer like water flowing under the bridge.

“Good lord. This… This is way better than our piano teacher back then. He’s amazing!” Hugh gulped, completely flabbergasted.

“He… He’s playing the Croatian Rhapsody!” Rachel was electrified. That was how Maxim described music as it mainly focused on the aftermath of war.

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