No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0230

Rosa pulled Selena to a corner.

“Selena… They said that your husband was a mindless brute and I genuinely believed them,” Rosa whispered. “I didn’t expect him to know how to play the piano, and he played it so well too. I don’t believe he’s just some grunt anymore… Anyone who knows how to play the piano can never be a mindless brute!” she added. “I think he’s a well-versed person as he knows how to fight and play the piano!”

“Hmm… Has he become god-like to you now?” Selena chuckled humorously as it seemed this change in attitude was a little too quick.

Rosa sighed. “After thinking about it earlier, that has to be some nonsense Rachel concocted. Man, that woman has gone too far since she never seemed to like you even in our university days. She always assumed you were stealing the spotlight away from her. We’ve all graduated, and it’s been so long. I thought it’s all behind us now and we don’t care much about the past. I didn’t expect she could be this petty!” Rosa seemed to have understood something as she then grabbed onto Selena’s hand and murmured, “I’m sorry. I misunderstood you a while ago.”

“Don’t worry about it, I didn’t really take it to heart anyway,” Selena assured her. “Besides, I offended Rachel this morning, so her trying to ruin me in my absence is well within my expectations!”

Selena offered a bright smile before adding, “Consider my offer well when you get back. You can help me out in my company since we lack the manpower.”

“Alright, I’ll think about it,” Rosa replied, a smile gracing her face before she tugged on Selena’s arm. “Let’s go pick some songs to sing!”

On the other side, Britney was sitting next to Matt as she whispered to him, “Do you know how much in total we’ve ordered?”

“How should I know? My job is to drink and drink some more. If it’s not enough, we can order more. F*ck it, I refuse to believe a veteran would be able to fork out that much money. We’ll spend a little more and when he can’t pay up, the owner here will never let him leave!”

Matt was ruthless in the way he spoke, and he glanced at Jack from across the room. Jack was nothing more than a veteran, and no one expected Jack would be able to marry Selena. Selena’s current figure seemed as though she had never given birth before. She was still as stunning as she was back then. Not to mention the way Selena looked when she danced. She looked like a pure and innocent swan. Her beauty was mesmerizing, and the feeling of regret bubbled in him.

If only he persisted a little harder back then, he might have been the one married to Selena. Even if he was not married to her, he might still end up dating Selena. A shame he could only be with Britney, whom he had no feelings for whatsoever. Dissatisfied was he in silence.

“Our bill is over 1.3 million dollars. That idiot is doomed!” Britney chuckled and took a sip of red wine from her wine glass before saying, “Alright, I need to use the washroom real quick!”

When Britney was on her way to the washroom, she noticed an extremely intricate display case in the hallway housing two bottles of red wine. Moreover, there were two servers guarding that case while every corner around the red wine had spotlights shining at it. It was very attractive to look at.

“What are you looking at?” Rachel who had just exited the washroom noticed Britney was staring at blank space in front of her. Rachel approached her while she giggled.

“Rachel, do you think Jack has the money to actually foot the bill?” Britney frowned after she pondered about it.

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