No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0231

“Impossible. Where does his money come from anyway?”

Rachel spoke without hesitation, “He did it for his pride, he’s boasting!”

“But he can’t be that dumb, right? This is the Lotus Bar and Lounge, and the owner is a member of a first-class aristocratic family. He isn’t going to dine and dash now, is he? Does he have a death wish?” After Britney broke it down in detail, she started to doubt if Jack had enough money to pay the bill.

“Fair point!” In that instant, Rachel was no longer as certain as she was. “I doubt that Jack knows who the owner is, considering he’s just returned from the army,” she commented, “so how would he know so much?”

“I think you make a much better point!” Britney nodded then swiftly said, “Hey, I heard when those veterans came back, those who stayed for quite some time in their department would be able to get a good sum of money since they contributed to the country, and they’d be able to retire in glory. It seems Jack might’ve gotten some money.”

“So you’re saying it might be around 1 or 2 million? This idiot decided to spend every penny tonight just to save his wife’s pride?” Rachel was a little shocked as she continued, “So that’s why he was so confident when he spoke. Moreover, he enrolled his child to school this morning and paid up. I thought he borrowed that money, but it seems he does have some money!”

“Yeah, but I’m guessing it’s not much and should only be a million or two. Otherwise, those two wouldn’t come here in a cab!” Britney continued her breakdown, “Because that money didn’t come easy, and since Jack risked his life for that money, they spent meagerly. It’s just that they didn’t expect us to look down on them and Jack is known to act pretentiously. To stop his wife from getting bullied, he agreed to switch up the room. Don’t you think this is the case?”

“Good lord, you’re on to something now. You’re not the lady of a third-class aristocratic family for nothing!” Rachel chuckled immediately and sneered, “Since people like him loved to pretend, we’ll allow him to. Besides, we’ve spent so much of his money, it might hurt him after this!”

“Exactly!” Britney’s expression suddenly dimmed. “We can let them off the hook so easily… What if they do have the money to pay our bills tonight?” she fretted. “Also, Selena is Matt’s ex-girlfriend and I just can’t stand that woman. I don’t want them to walk out of Lotus Bar and Lounge today, so we can’t let them off the hook so easily!”

“But, what can we do when they have money?” Rachel sighed. “I too wish to see them struggling to pay the bill then be caught by the boss and, heck, might even get beaten to a pulp,” she spoke bluntly. “I’d be a happy gal!”

Both women bonded through their similar vile behavior!

Britney pointed at both bottles of red wine. “Say, would those two bottles of red wine be expensive since they’re guarded by two waiters?” she snickered.

“You mean to say?” Rachel seemed to have thought of something as her eyes lit up.

Both women then swiftly approached the display case and asked the waiters, “Is this wine expensive? What are you guys standing guard here for? Is it only for people to admire?”

“Ladies, both of these bottles of red wine happen to be our establishment’s most prized possessions. They are produced in…”

After they were done explaining, a waitress then concluded, “This bottle costs 6.66 million dollars and only less than 10 bottles exist in this world. Drinking a bottle would mean one less bottle in the world.”


A glint of sinister intent could be seen in Britney’s gaze as she immediately said, “Send a bottle to our room. We want one!”

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