No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0232

“You want a bottle? This costs 6.66 million; it’s too expensive!” Rachel gasped. “How can you order something this expensive? Are you trying to kill him?” she stammered.

Britney chuckled menacingly and replied, “What are you afraid of? He said it himself: We can order anything we want. Besides, if we didn’t order a little more, how can we get him to stay behind?”

After some thoughts, she immediately exclaimed, “No, no, no. A bottle isn’t enough…we’ll take both. I’m quite interested to taste what this establishment’s prized possession tastes like!”

“Two bottles? That’ll be over 13 million including the 1.3 million earlier. Oh, good lord, it’s too expensive… It’s over 14 million!” Rachel was flabbergasted. She wanted Jack to be in a tough spot and also wanted him to be embarrassed silly, but… Would spending over 14 million not pressure him to death?

“Didn’t you notice how he was acting earlier? He claims to be rich and told us to order anything we want so blatantly. This time, we have to teach this brat a very good lesson!”

Britney pulled Rachel away from where they initially stood and whispered, “This is an extremely rare opportunity, though.”

Britney suddenly scoffed at the thought of something. “That reminds me… Didn’t he mention he makes 20 million a month? Didn’t he also say he bought two Porsches? Even we don’t have the heart to buy one and he bought the 911 model. This time, he’s in for a world of bad luck!”

“Right, right, right!” Britney said with mocking laughter. “Failing to foot the bill will put them to great shame, and worst of all, they’d be offending a first-class aristocratic family since this business belongs to them!”

Britney chuckled before leading Rachel back to where those wine bottles were and said, “We’ve decided to have both bottles, so send it to Room 207! When you arrive, you don’t need to ask a thing; just open it for us!”

“Well, both bottles will add up to about 13 million. Are you sure you want to open both bottles at the same time, ladies?”

One of the waiters was already startled and wondered if he had misheard them. No guests had ever ordered that wine for the two to three years the bottles were placed there. Even if they were young masters, they would give up after asking for the price.

Besides, most people would feel spending more than 6 million for a bottle of wine would not be worth it.

“Yeah, just open them when you bring them in. We were also like that when we ordered plenty of wine bottles previously!” Britney nodded with a smile.

Soon, both Britney and Rachel returned to the room. It was Jack’s first time to come to a place like this. It was a one-of-a-kind way to enjoy life and listen to Selena’s sweet voice singing.

“Come now, Brother, let’s drink. This will be a toast for you defending us and our country in the frontlines. This is my respect to you!” Hugh had a grin on his face as he approached Jack, a glass of wine at hand.

“Thank you!” Jack smiled.

After clinking glasses with him, he chugged down the wine immediately.

“That felt good!” Hugh laughed as he also chugged the wine down with a single gulp.

No one expected that even Dylan the alcoholic would also sit with them at this moment. “I didn’t expect your piano skills to be this good, Jack,” he started, “and you’re pretty handsome, too. I see now why a beauty like Selena would be your wife! Although I hated you this morning, you have my respect tonight!”

Jack was flustered. He did not expect Dylan would say something like that after drinking so much.

“Come on now, I need to drink with you. At least as gratitude to your treat. You’re treating me to drink in such a lavish spot. I personally can’t bear spending this much money!”

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