No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0233

Dylan’s face was flushed red from drinking too much. It seemed he was more talkative after some drinks. Matt was drinking alone on the other side of the room. He was chugging down wine after wine; he wanted nothing more than to bankrupt Jack.

“What are you doing? Why are you drinking so much?” Britney spotted him the moment she returned and immediately went to his side.

“Doesn’t he just love being pretentious? This wine I’m drinking costs 50 thousand a bottle. F*ck it, I’ll keep asking for more wine after I’m done with this. Let’s see what he’ll do when he doesn’t have enough to pay.”

Matt turned to look at Jack on the side with a sinister chuckle.

“Ah, then let me tell you…” Britney immediately leaned to Matt’s ear and whispered everything to him.

“That expensive!” was Matt’s first response, a gasp escaping his lips. However, a shred of sinister intent flashed across his gaze and said, “Good. Let’s do that since he said it was on him anyway. I won’t help him even a penny.”

“I wonder if he’d kneel and beg us to split the bill with him later.” Britney cackled out loud and bragged, “No one will agree to it, especially when Rosa’s pay is only 10 thousand a month and has basically no savings. She can’t afford to fork out any money when he splits the bill!”

Matt laughed then poured Britney a glass of wine before handing it to her. He said, “You truly are smart. Those two bottles would cost him his life.”

“Well, that’s not too certain. What if his monthly pay turns out to actually be 20 million dollars?” Britney took a sip of red wine before saying that while chuckling coldly.

“Only a fool would believe him. A mere bodyguard could have a monthly wage of 20 million? Do you take the Drake family for a fool?” Matt chuckled.

It was at this moment that a waiter brought in a bucket of ice and two bottles of red wine. After greeting them with a polite smile, the waiter opened both bottles of wine and placed it on the glass table.

The waiter soon got out. Jack and the others did not notice what had happened as they were busy singing and drinking, but both Britney and Matt cracked a grin.

That pretty waitress who was standing on the side and had been serving them all this time noticed the bottles and frowned. After some thought, she walked out.

However, it did not take her long to return. Her expression turned bitter after she noticed Britney pouring a drink for everyone at the moment.

She had gone out to gather some information. Supposedly, two women from this room had made the waiter serve up those bottles of wine. She felt something was amiss when she connected the dots to Jack and Selena being a married couple. However, she dared not approach them to say much. All she could do was stand on the side and smile while waiting for everyone’s orders.

Eventually, Jack went out to use the washroom. After some thought, the waitress was too antsy that she chased after him.

“Sir, Sir! I don’t know if I should, but I want to inform you of something.”

It was only when Jack made the return trip did the pretty waitress decide to approach him. “I… I feel like you’re a kind person and I’m worried you might be toyed by people, so I wish to ask you something. Don’t tell anyone it was me who told you, okay?”

“Toyed?” Of course, Jack was stunned for a moment, but he quickly recovered with a smile on his face. “Every scheme or plot will be useless in the face of true power! Tell me: who tried to trick me?”

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