No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0237

“Dear, you’re too…” Dylan never anticipated that his spouse would do something like this. Despite their altercation with the couple this morning, he had always looked down on people who used dirty tricks.

Rachel gritted her teeth and barked, “You can’t blame us, can you? Jack mentioned that we could order anything we wanted, and we saw these two bottles. Is it wrong that we wanted to taste it?” Rachel scoffed. “If he couldn’t afford it in the first place, don’t pretend to be someone he’s not and ask us to order anything we want!”

“Rachel, Britney is childish, and you know how her temper is. If she’s messing around, do you have to do what she does as well?” Hugh’s face was dark. Their spending had gone over 10 million dollars, and if Selena and Jack were forced to stay behind, what would happen then? If they could not pay, they might pay with their lives.

After all, this establishment was owned by a first-class family. The owner behind the scenes should not be offended at all. Even Hugh’s girlfriend was no longer speaking. She did not expect that the others would order such expensive bottles.

“Who’s making a scene at our Lotus Bar and Lounge?!”

At this moment, a plump woman walked in with several angry-looking men clad in black shirts. “Our signature bottles have been there for long, and no one has ever ordered them. After you ordered them and finished them, you’re trying to not pay for it? We were planning to give you a discount and a few complimentary bottles. Are you trying to not pay for your meal?”

“Pay for it, Jack. You’ve said it yourself: we could order anything!” Britney sneered.

“That’s right. Act like the size of your bank account; don’t pretend to be someone you’re not in front of us!” Matt chimed in, his gaze filled with disdain.

“This man and his wife are the hosts, we’re just his guests, and this has nothing to do with us. If you want to capture or kill anyone, get them!” Seeing the number of men in the room, Rachel was terrified. She distanced herself from the crowd right away.

“Jack, what should we do? Where can we find that much money? If only we knew, we wouldn’t have come here tonight. Some of these people are no longer the classmates from way back then. I think they’ve changed… They’ve become devils!”

Selena was overwhelmed with regret. The restaurant was demanding over 10 million dollars at that moment; where would they find that kind of money? If they did run out of ideas, they might have to call the second daughter of the Drake family to see if she could help them out.

Jack merely chuckled in reply. “Don’t worry, it’ll be fine. This is nothing to your husband!”

Jack smiled nonchalantly. With a flick of his finger, his cigarette butt flew right into a wine bottle next to him. It might or might not be a coincidence, but it was staggeringly accurate.

“Tsk, tsk! How powerful, still playing dumb at this moment. If you’re so rich, then please pay the bill!” Matt’s gaze was filled with sarcasm. He had waited for this moment for too long.

“If you don’t pay the bill, you and your wife might not live through tonight!” The men in black rubbed their fists together, and their faces seemed muscular. They seemed threatening.

Selena thought of something, and her eyes lit up. “Right, Jack, I nearly forgot. Aren’t you friends with the Goddess of War? Why don’t you call her and ask her for a loan to pay for this bill? Once you get your salary, we can pay her back with it.”

Selena prayed that Jack was not making up stories and that he was genuinely acquainted with the Goddess of War.

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