No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0238

“War-the Goddess of War is his friend?”

The manager inhaled sharply after hearing that. Tons of people wanted to meet the Goddess of War; even if they got the chance to say a sentence to her, it would be of the greatest honor.

Many media houses wished to interview Eastfield’s Goddess of War Lana Zechs but were all rejected by the cold Goddess. No one expected that the average joe in front of them was the Goddess of War’s friend.

“No way, he knows the Goddess of War?” Britney inhaled sharply as well. If Jack was a friend of the Goddess of War, and a good one at that, she might be in trouble.

After all, Rachel and her had started this today, and she was considered the mastermind behind it. If Jack was going to use his connection with the Goddess of War to blame it on them, they and the entire Lee family would be finished.

“Impossible, do you really think the Goddess of War is that easy to be reached?” Matt sneered and said, “The honorable Goddess of War would require marshalls of a certain level to be able to reach her, right? He was only a soldier for five years so if he only saw the Goddess of War from afar while being on the frontlines, his claims of knowing her mean that many other people could say the same thing!”

“F*ck, this guy was just faking it!”

“I think he was just putting on a show with his wife and pretending to be friends with the Goddess of War so we could void his bill. Respecting him means respecting the Goddess of War, right?”

“Yes, that might be the case!” The men in black began laughing.

“Since it’s late, the Goddess of War is probably asleep by now. I won’t call and trouble her to come over since it’s just over 10 million dollars!” Jack was nonchalant about it. He turned around and said to Selena, “Don’t worry, everything will be fine!”

“Hey, look at how good you are at lying. Before you, no one would claim to be number one at it!”

“It’s only 12 million dollars? You don’t want to trouble her to come over? My God, who do you think you are? Even if it was Eastfield’s richest man James Drake standing here, the Goddess of War wouldn’t care to come over, would she? On the contrary, there’s a higher possibility for Mr. Drake to go over to see her!”

Britney crossed her arms in front of her chest, her face filled with disdain. Jack was lying about everything unrealistically.

After saying that, she sneered. “Look, seeing that Selena and Matt were university mates, both of you can just kneel before me and slap yourselves a few times while saying you’ll never pretend to be someone you’re not again. I’ll even pay for the bill tonight!”

“You want my wife and I to kneel before you and slap ourselves?” Jack was stunned, his expression turning dark.

Jack did not want to cause trouble but it did not mean he was a coward. He was willing to tolerate people looking down on him. He had been thinking that they were all his wife’s ex-classmates and Selena would not want to ruin any relationships. That was why Jack did not bother to stoop to their level.

However, he did not expect these people to ask for more. Not only did they secretly order the most expensive bottles of wine, they were now asking him and his wife to kneel down and slap themselves? As a man, he could not take this anymore no matter what. Moreover, he was Daxia’s only Supreme Warrior!

“You heard me right, that’s exactly what I meant. Kneel before me and my man, slap yourselves, and say you will stop pretending to be someone you’re not from now on!”

Britney continued looking arrogant, being merciless toward Jack and Selena. Jack looked over at Selena next to him. Selena was a little angry as well but seemed afraid of them. After all, they were people from a third-class family.

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