No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0239

Jack could not stand it anymore after seeing Selena’s face. He walked over and slapped Britney twice.


The sound was incredibly loud as the room instantly turned silent.

“Are you dreaming? My wife and I were willing to buy you drinks so you should be feeling thankful. On the contrary, you’re asking us to kneel before you? You’re still stuck in your princess dream, aren’t you?” Jack’s expression was ice cold. His gaze was filled with a terrifying aura.

Britney froze. She had never been hit in her life. She was the only daughter of the Lee Family so her parents treated her as the apple of their eyes and she had always been treated as the family’s gem. She did not expect to be beaten by a bodyguard today.

“Matt, what are you standing there for?” Britney was pissed seeing how Matt was also terrified.

“F*ck you, what kind of man are you to hit a woman?” Matt clenched his fist and charged toward Jack.

Unfortunately, spoiled, pretty, and useless brats had no combat capabilities whatsoever. Matt was instantly kicked by Jack before landing on the sofa.

“Ah!” Matt screamed in pain while clenching at his chest.

“I’m telling you that you’ll regret this!” Britney was pissed. She pointed at Jack and Selena, saying, “Fine, I was just thinking that if you couldn’t afford it, I could help you pay the bill. Now I won’t pay a single cent even if you kneel before me. I won’t pay for it, so just wait till you get beaten up by the men of the Lotus Bar and Lounge!”

After saying that, she walked over to help Matt up. “The owner of the Lotus Bar and Lounge is the brother of a first-class aristocratic family’s master. I’ll wait and see how you two get out of here tonight!”

Jack sneered. “To me, the only things that matter are those who deserve to be hit and those who don’t, as well as those who deserve to be killed and those who don’t! If we were on the battlefield, you both would be dead by now!”

Jack paused after saying that and looked over at Britney. “Remember this, your family might spoil you in your house but I won’t do the same!”

Selena sighed and asked Jack, “Jack, what should we do now? Can you afford to pay the bill?”

Jack smiled unexpectedly and said to the manager, “I heard that at 11 o’clock, there’s a boxing competition on the third floor of your building, right? Customers of the luxurious private room will get to watch the competition as they’re eligible to do so!”

“Right, so what? Do you want to watch it?”

The manager was stunned before adding, “If you want to watch it, there won’t be a problem. You’re eligible to do so but what does that have anything to do with you paying the bill?”

Jack smiled and replied, “Of course it has lots to do with paying the bill. Didn’t you say that if someone joins the competition and wins, his bill would be voided?”

“That is the case, but are you saying that you want to sign up?”

The manager looked at Jack and shook her head. “Young man, if I were you, I’d rather kneel and apologize to this woman, kowtowing for 100 times than joining the competition. With that body of yours, your opponent would only need one punch to knock your brains out. There are already ten professionals in Eastfield who died in the challenge. The opponent has already won ten matches consecutively!”

At this moment, the female manager stressed it again, “It’s ten consecutive wins!”

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