No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0240

“Young man, if you’re signing up, you’re just asking for death. It’s just as easy as killing an ant!”

“That’s right, the American is huge and strong. He’s almost two meters tall and his arms are thicker than your thighs. With that body of yours…”

The fighters began sneering after seeing Jack’s body.

“Tsk tsk, ten professionals were killed consecutively? This American is pretty rough!” Hugh lamented, “But previous competitors only used to injure the opponents, right? This man actually killed people?”

“America and Daxia have been at war for years. Although it has finally ended, there is still hatred from both sides!”

“Although the countries have been conducting diplomatic relations, there is still tension!” Rosa forced a smile and said, “Since it’s a competition and there are consent forms involved, the opponent will definitely be merciless!”

After saying so, she looked at Selena and added, “Selena, talk your husband out of it. Otherwise, if he dies, it’ll be a problem. Let’s come up with other solutions for the money. As long as he stays alive, anything can be solved!”

“He killed that many Daxians? I have to kill him! Moreover, if I win the competition, I could void the bill and earn three million dollars reward from it, isn’t that right?”

Jack clenched his fist as rage flashed through his eyes. His fighting spirit sent shivers down people’s backs.

“Of course. If you want to die, we won’t stop you! Since you dare to not pay for your meal here, you can pay for it with your life then!” The female manager sneered. Jack was definitely going to die in her opinion.

“Are you really going? The opponent is strong! Although you’re pretty good, if you’re no match for him then…” Selena was clear on the fact that Jack had seen too many bodies of his comrades on the battlefield. It was near impossible to stop him at the moment. Moreover, the opponent was someone from the enemy’s side who killed many competition participants.

“Selena, don’t worry. I have to go do this and I will win!” Jack smiled. He seemed relaxed as if he was making a casual remark.

“Okay, be careful. Think of me and our daughter!” Selena bit her lips before nodding.

Jack felt warmth in his heart. He held Selena’s hand and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll just be cleaning out the trash. I have to kill that guy, regardless of it being for us or for Daxia!”

“Stop stalling, people have already gone up. If you’re trying to die, hurry up, alright? I’m telling you this, if you die then the money you owe will have to be paid by your wife, understood?” The female supervisor became arrogant. She was no longer the gentle and polite person who had passed Jack his bill before this.

“great, this is great!” Britney began laughing, and her gaze seemed crazy. “Who knew that your lie about being friends with the Goddess of War would now be exposed and you’d be fighting in the ring. Tsk tsk, you’re going in the ring just to pay the bill. Do you really think that after being a soldier for a few years, you can beat your opponent? I’ll tell you this now, I heard that someone was beaten to death two days ago!”

“*sshole!” Jack’s eyes were filled with terrifying-looking blood vessels upon hearing that. After saying that, he walked toward the door and said, “I’ll kill this American bastard!”

“Go go, why aren’t you following him? What if he runs off? It’s a 12 million dollars bill. If he runs off, can you afford it?” Britney followed the crowd and sneered.

“you dared to hit me just now. You’re a rash man and I won’t stoop to your level. I’ll see how you get your brains blown up with kicks, or how you’ll look when your neck gets snapped in half!”

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