No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0241

“Right, I’ll snap a photo of you as a memory when that happens!” Matt was so angry that he said that with burning hatred.

“No one is allowed to use phones there…” The manager began reminding the crowd.

“Fine!” Matt was slightly disappointed.

Soon after that, the crowd arrived on the third floor. The third floor was a giant, sphere-shaped court; there were galleries everywhere and in the middle of it all was a boxing ring, lights trained on it.

“Jack, why is he here?” On the other side of the room, Young Master Clark and Neil were about to watch the competition together with some other rich boys.

Since the day Ken had found out that Neil seemed pretty against Jack, the duo began contacting each other. Ken was especially unsettled about Jack. It was the reason why he had asked Neil out tonight to talk about how they could end Jack or make Jack divorce Selena. They did not expect Jack to be here as well.

“Selena is here too!” Neil’s expression darkened. The couple seemed like they were on good terms.

“Aren’t the only people who get to come here those who booked the luxurious private room?”

Ken thought about it and took a look at the people next to Jack. “Looks like Britney Lee bought them dinner. That’s weird, how did Britney meet Selena and Jack? How could she be willing to spend over a million dollars to buy them dinner?”

“Who knows, seeing them together annoys me!” Neil said angrily.

Neil thought that his father was too cowardly. He made him kneel before Jack the other day to apologize to him. The more he thought about it, the more embarrassed he was; it felt like a mental health problem was developing inside him. This bastard was just a veteran, was he really that terrifying?

“Neil and Ken are here too!” Jack looked over and smiled.

“These rich boys know each other so it’s normal. Moreover, they’re on the same wavelength and are usually up to no good!” Selena said with disdain.

After saying that, she looked at the boxing ring and said worriedly, “Be careful, don’t do anything beyond your capabilities. If you can’t defeat him, think of ways to protect yourself!”

“So I’m actually that important to you!” Jack looked at Selena with a smile.

“No you aren’t!” Selena turned shy and rolled her eyes. “I just don’t want Kylie to lose her dad!”

“Fine, it’s 11 o’clock. I believe everyone’s been waiting for long!”

“Tonight’s match will be incredibly entertaining as the man who came for the challenge is an officer who has just returned from the army. In fact, he’s a marshal!”

“His name is Dennis Howard!”

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