No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0242

“Dennis, why is he here? Ken inhaled sharply upon hearing the name. He did not expect that this good friend of his had signed up for the match tonight.

“F*ck, you know Dennis?” Neil was stunned before adding, “He’s a marshal, the type with explosive combat capabilities!”

“Of course I know him, we’re friends!”

“If that’s the case, this American is dying tonight!” Ken became a little excited. “the match tonight looks entertaining already!”

“I don’t care if it’s entertaining, we’re here for the show!” Neil laughed before whispering to Ken, “Since you said that this marshal Dennis is your friend, why don’t you get him to kill Jack silently one day? As long as he dies, we’ll have our chances, won’t we?”

Ken’s expression darkened upon hearing that. “Did you think I’ve never thought about it before this? I did ask him for help to mess he up but somehow, Dennis ended up telling me to not cause trouble for Jack. In fact, he said the entire Clark family might be in trouble!”

“Really?” Neil’s expression darkened as well. He was afraid. “Motherf*cker, could it be that this guy is stronger than a marshal? If that’s the case, does that mean that he’s the legendary King of War?”

“If he really is the King of War, we’re in trouble. However, we haven’t heard anything about a King of War named Jack White in Eastfield, have we? I’ve searched for this online too!”

“If he really is the King of War, he’s only one or two levels under the God of War. Therefore, we can’t offend someone like that!”

Ken forced a smile and looked over at Jack again. “Anyway, I think Jack isn’t a King of War. If he was, would he still be staying in that old house with his wife? He could’ve bought a mansion by now! A King of War would definitely get awarded a handsome sum of money after leaving the army!”

“That makes sense!” Neil nodded. “But why does Dennis fear him a little? Could there be any other reason for that?”

“Another reason?” Ken scrunched his brows together as he began thinking about it.

After some time, his eyes lit up as he said, “I got it. There are only two possibilities to why Dennis would speak in Jack’s favor; one, he’s no match for Jack, which is pretty impossible. Jack was probably just a normal soldier so how could he beat a marshal? As for the second possibility, Jack might have given Dennis some benefits or promised him something!”

“Benefits? What benefits could Jack promise Dennis? He’s clean!” Neil forced a smile; he did not think it was possible.

“Young Master Hugo, don’t forget that Jack’s wife is beautiful. What if Jack promised Dennis that Selena would spend a night with him? If Dennis heard such a proposal, do you think he’d say no?”

“Although Dennis is into my sister, I don’t think any man could control himself before a woman like Selena if she was being seductive and dominant!” Ken said coldly.

“You’re right, no man would be able to reject a beauty like that!” Neil nodded and added, “Looks like Selena is just putting up a show as well. She might actually do something like that to impress a marshal!”

“young man, I’ve signed you up but it looks like you might not get the chance to participate tonight. After all, I didn’t expect that the challenger tonight would be the marshal Dennis Howard!” The manager said to Jack.

“This man is my idol. This time, quite a few professionals have returned to Eastfield and there are a few marshals among them. Although they’ve been quiet before this, one of them has finally shown up for this! I don’t care, the match tonight will be entertaining. I want to stay here and watch for some time!”

“Thankfully, the private room I’m assigned to is now empty. Since the customers have left, I can watch too!”

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