No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0243

The female manager thought of something. She turned around and said to the men in black, “Watch him for me. Don’t let him escape, you hear me? It looks like he’s not going in the ring at all tonight. Hmph, if he still can’t pay up by one o’clock, death awaits him!”

“Alright, let’s welcome our challenger, Dennis Howard!” The host said loudly in the ring.

At this moment, a man with prominent features walked out of a door. His expression was incredibly calm. He looked at the crowd nonchalantly before standing aside to wait for his opponent.

“This is great, Daxia’s most powerful is finally in the ring. F*ck, this time, he’ll definitely beat that damn American to death!”

“That’s right, it’s the marshal this time. That guy will definitely die!”

“That might not be the case, the American is tall and huge and he has terrifying strength as well. He looks like a monster just by standing there. The ten people before this, including a few hidden professionals, all died in the American’s hands anyway!”

A few of the rich boys began discussing the match.

Jack scrunched his brows together. He could not believe that the owner of this place had actually set up a boxing ring like this. It seemed like the main goal was to attract rich boys to watch the game. Judging from the way they were talking, some of them had probably never missed a single match within the last ten matches.

However, although it was said that watching the matches was free, one would be required to book the luxurious private room to get that benefit. In other words, one would need to spend a million dollars to watch a match. Since there had been ten matches, that would mean a total expenditure of ten million dollars. The more rich people knew about the matches, the more money the owner would earn here. This owner was pretty good at doing business to make profits.

“Please welcome our arena champion, O’Neal!” The host loudly continued the introduction, “Our O’Neal has had ten consecutive wins since becoming the defending champion. Will he do the same today, or will his streak be ended by our challenger Dennis Howard? Let’s see!”

True enough, after the host’s introduction, people began cheering and applauding.

“is this another man seeking death?” O’Neal laughed out loud. His voice was incredibly coarse and his body was indeed tall and large. Dennis seemed small before him.

O’Neal was topless and his thick arms were filled with huge muscles, making it seem as if there was a terrifying Kraken clinging onto his body. His entire body emitted a horrifying and powerful aura; it was obvious that he was not one to mess with.

Seeing how his opponent looked like, Dennis’ gaze turned a little serious.

“I heard that you’ve killed ten men in a row. You’re doing that on purpose, aren’t you?” Dennis said coldly to his opponent.

“Young man, so what if I did it on purpose? You’ve all signed the consent form and there are so many witnesses. Since you’re here, you should be ready to die!”

“not bad, not bad at all. If I could kill you, a marshal today, that’d be great. You’ve killed quite a few Americans on the battlefield, haven’t you? I’ll take revenge for them today!” O’Neal laughed out loud. He did not take Dennis seriously at all.

“I don’t remember how many people I’ve killed. I’ve never bothered counting!” Dennis clenched his fist, his joints making noises from the friction. He bowed a little, stepped on the ground, and charged toward his opponent. “But I do know that I’m killing one more today!”

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