No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0245

“Looks like you really want Dennis to win?” Jack forced a smile while looking at the manager.

“No sh*t, he’s from Daxia. That damn O’Neal has killed so many of us, of course I want him to die sooner. Our boss went overboard with hiring this defending champion and awarding him two million dollars for every match he wins.” The female manager said angrily.

Jack sighed. “Hey, I hope Dennis wins too. If that’s the case, I won’t have to do it myself!”

At this moment, Jack paused before continuing, “But I can tell that Dennis is probably no match for O’Neal!”

“What are you talking about? Dennis is everyone’s idol!”

“That’s right, he’s a marshal. How could you say that he’s no match for O’Neal!”

“Young man, I’ll beat you up!”

A few spectators around Jack began scolding him.

The female manager glared at Jack angrily as well. If looks could kill, Jack would be in pieces by now.

“Jack, why don’t you give up? If Dennis is no match for him, wouldn’t that make you defenseless?”

Selena was worried after hearing that. As the saying went, laymen watched the show while experts noticed the details.

Although Dennis seemed like he had the upper hand, Selena believed that since Jack was a soldier on the battlefield for five years, he must have known something the ordinary people did not. That was why Jack’s words made her feel uneasy.

“What are you talking about? How could Dennis lose?”

Before Jack could respond, Matt added, “Even idiots could tell that Dennis is definitely winning. He’s a marshal and has hit his opponent multiple times. His opponent did not even get to strike once. I think you’re just saying bullsh*t so shut up!”

Matt paused before saying to Selena, “I think your husband won’t even get a chance to die in the ring, Just wait till you get beaten to death for not being able to pay!”

“That’s right, that’s right…” Britney added, “If your man gets in the ring and dies there, he might have a little dignity left for dying from one punch. It might be considered dying for your country. If he dies from being beaten up by the bar’s men for not being able to pay the bill, tsk tsk, he will have no dignity left.”

Rachel could not help but laugh. “That’s right, When someone asks you, Selena, how did your husband die? How were you widowed? How are you going to answer that? Are you going to tell them, sighs, my husband was pretending to be rich at a bar and could not afford the bill so he was beaten to death for it?” Rachel’s voice was so illuminating that people around them started laughing as well.

“Why don’t you act in a musical?” Jack replied coldly. His voice terrified Rachel so much that she immediately shut up. She forgot that this young man was so cruel that he dared to hit Britney and could do the same to her as well.

Moreover, Jack was going to die soon and might do something extreme before his death. If he wanted to scapegoat someone, would she not die a wrongful death?

“It’s my turn!” At this moment, O’Neal began charging toward Dennis in the ring at the speed of lightning.

“No way, this guy’s that fast too with his physical stature?”

“I haven’t seen him taking the initiative to attack before this. In the past matches, he did not even move much before beating his opponents to death!”A few ‘veteran’ spectators exclaimed.

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