No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0248

“I didn’t expect someone to volunteer himself for death just like that!” O’Neal laughed loudly, then stated, “Kid, let me end this sh*t of a marshal before I get to you. Don’t rush. If you want to die, you need to queue up!”

“He can’t die in the hands of trash like you!”

Jack kicked off with the tip of his toes and managed to easily jump onto the arena which was taller than a person. After that, he stood there with hands behind his back. Dennis, who was lying on the floor earlier, was blocked off by Jack.

“This guy is quite capable. He was able to jump all the way up there!” A look of astonishment appeared in the female manager’s gaze.

“Too bad he’s still going to die. That O’Neal is just too powerful. Even Dennis, a marshal, was no match for him!” stated the supervisor.

“Selena Taylor, you’re really letting your husband take part in the match? Even the marshal is at death’s door. Isn’t he just going to die horribly?”

“Sigh, I didn’t think your husband would risk his life for a free meal and three million dollars reward! It’s unfortunate that if he dies, you’ll still have to foot the bill!” said Matt, gleeful over their predicament.

“Even if he died, he’s still better than a boy toy like you! You don’t even have the courage to get into the arena, do you?” Selena’s gaze was cold. She was annoyed at how she used to have a crush on this moron. Compared to Jack, he was less than a speck of dust.

Not only was Matt a useless boy toy, he would even gloat over someone’s tragedy.

“How did he get up there?” Ken rubbed his eyes, watching with his mouth agape.

“F*ck me, I thought he was only acting tough earlier. I didn’t expect him to really go up there!” Neil was similarly dumbfounded. He even thought he was dreaming.

Both of them had been looking forward to Jack’s passing and the reason they gathered here was to discuss how to have Jack killed, or to have Selena leave him on her own accord. Never did they think that after an entire day’s discussion, they would be without a solution. In the end, it was Jack himself that had decided to send himself to his own death in the arena!

“That’s wonderful. He’s in the arena, he’s really there. Bloody h*ll, if O’Neal gives him a punch, his head will split apart!” Neil almost jumped in his excited state. “Seeking for him high and low, delivered free to our hold!”

“A wonderful poem! It rhymes well!” Ken burst into laughter. He almost wanted to run around shirtless due to his excitement.

“Who is this guy?”

“Who knows?!”

A number of people started their own discussions. Jack was a fresh face they had not seen before.

“Even the marshal has fallen, yet he dares to challenge him?”

“Wasn’t it only going to be one match tonight? I thought it was one match every night. Is it possible that there are two matches tonight?”

More and more people felt confused.

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