No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0250

“Hah, what a joke. So that’s the reason you’re trying to challenge me!” O’Neal laughed once more. “Kid, is this your last-ditch effort? Trapped between a rock and a hard place, you chose to challenge me because you would at least die a glorious death and save some face?”

“That’s right! He must be thinking that he’ll die for sure, why not die fighting for Daxia? Who knows if he might even be idolized by some!” Ken burst out laughing once more. “We’ve finally figured him out! So that’s his real intention!”

This time, some of the audience started to look at him with scorn and joined in.

“Kid, since you’re on the stage and signed the consent form, I’ll send you on your journey!” O’Neal’s had a playful expression on his face. After making his statement with his throaty voice, he moved his lumbering figure toward Jack.

“Wait a moment!”

Right at that moment, the general manager of Lotus Bar and Lounge came running over, gasping for air breathlessly. “I-I-I’ve made it in time!”

“General manager, why are you here?”

“You’re here just on time. This kid is trying to dine and dash. We caught him and he has no means to pay so he’s here to challenge the arena hoping for a free meal!” Manager Wayne quickly explained.

The general manager nodded. “I know. You can’t let the fight happen!”

“Can’t let the fight happen? Why?” O’Neal looked at the general manager, confused. “This kid already signed the consent form and provoked me. Why can’t we fight?”

“What’s the matter? Could it be that this kid’s background is special? Is he the young master of some aristocratic family?”

“Could it be that he’s untouchable because of his background?”

Some of the audience started their wild speculations.

The general manager smiled bitterly, finally declaring, “If this kid had only spent around a million dollars, then it wouldn’t matter if he died from the challenge. However, he spent around 14 million dollars. Even with the discount, it’s still around 12 million dollars. If he died, this bill can’t be settled easily.”

The crowd was speechless. It turns out that this kid had spent such a large amount that the general manager was worried he would die and there would be no one to settle the bill. By then, he would suffer a huge loss if he could not collect the 10 million dollars.

Having said that, the general manager then looked at the rich kids and explained, “Moreover, he’s just an ant. If he really fought, he wouldn’t even last three seconds. Such a match would not be worth watching now, would it?”

“General manager, it’s fine if he dies. His wife is still here. When the time comes, you can just have his wife foot the bill!” Britney immediately exclaimed after hearing that.

The general manager was surprised, then turned around to look at Selena and said, “What can a woman be capable of? You want her to foot the bill? I don’t think she can be trusted!”

“General manager, the rule you set was that the meal will be free if we win the match. What’s this? You can’t afford to lose? Reluctant to part with that 10 million dollars? if that’s the case, your Lotus Bar and Lounge is a bit too stingy!?” Jack gave the general manager a firm stare, refusing to treat him respectfully.

The general manager’s mouth twitched violently before he said, “What nonsense are you spouting? We’re a subsidiary business of a first-class aristocratic family. Why would we be concerned over a mere 10 million dollars? The problem is, can a small fry like you win?”

“Why should you care if I can win? I think you just can’t afford to lose!” Jack shrugged.

The general manager was at a loss for words. Although they did have the backing of a first-class aristocratic family, it was over 10 million, not just one or two million. What if the boss got angry when they failed to collect the money? Although he was the general manager, he was just an employee and had no authority to make such decisions. If not for the fear of his boss coming after them, he would not have rushed there urgently.

“F*ck, could it be?”

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