No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0251

Ken was speechless. If that was the case, would that mean that Jack would not die?

“Such a good chance, how can I…” Neil was also troubled.

However, his eyes quickly lit up and looked at Ken as he suggested, “Why don’t we each come up with six million dollars? If he dies, we’ll foot the bill for him. That way, the general manager will surely let the match go on!”

Ken was surprised and cheered up instantly. “Of course! Six million dollars each is not too much. If we can have Jack killed, then we’ll profit greatly from this. Bloody h*ll, it turns out that this kid’s life is worth quite a lot of money after all!”

Having said that, Ken quickly raised his hand and announced loudly to the general manager, “General manager, I’ve thought about it. I know both Jack and his wife. We’re considered acquaintances. If they win the challenge, you should waive his bill!”

Jack was caught off-guard. He did not expect Ken to speak on his behalf.

The next second, Ken voiced out again. “If he dies, I’ll foot the bill for him. He’s already signed the consent form so you should let him try!”

Jack was speechless. So Ken was just afraid of him not being able to take part in the arena match.

“Are you serious?” Hearing that, the general manager was delighted as Jack would be dead for sure and only needed someone to foot the bill for him. He did not want Jack taking part in the match because he was afraid that nobody would foot the bill after he died. Even if this guy could not pay up, he could at least capture him and present him to his boss. That would still be better than a dead guy.

He had not expected Young Master Clark from a second-class aristocratic family to make such a request. It provided him with a way out.

“Could it be that Young Master Clark is willing to foot the bill after he dies? What a nice guy! Meanwhile, Britney and Matt’s expression turned ugly. They were wishing for Jack to be killed and leaving Selena unable to pay the bill, having her stay back.

Now their plans were foiled. If Jack died, someone was going to help Selena get out of this.
Very soon, Matt seemed to come to a realization and smiled. “Hey, Selena looks quite good. These young masters are probably trying to win her over.”

“It’s fine. With her man dead, that should be sufficient to teach her a lesson!” Britney sneered.

“Relax, I will definitely honor my promise. Moreover, there are so many people here to bear witness!” Ken gave the general manager a smile then quietly muttered to Neil next to him,

“Young Master Hugo, I’ll pay the money first. Later, you’ll have to settle the other half with me.”

“Worry not. If Jack’s dead, we’ll both gain the opportunity. It’s just 6 million dollars, I won’t cheat your money!” Neil answered happily.

“Alright then. Emcee, continue the match! The general manager waved at the emcee and stated, “Since he’s willing to risk his life just to get a free meal, we’ll not get in his way!”

“Alright, continue the match. The arena champion is still O’Neal with 11 consecutive wins!”

“Meanwhile, our challenger is Jack, a nameless soldier!”

“Everyone please take a bet and see if our Jack can last a full 10 seconds or just three?” the emcee announced cheerfully, confident that Jack would surely die. After that, he moved to the side.

“kid. I’m coming!” O’Neal burst out in laughter as he strode toward Jack. “Let me blow you away with one punch!”

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