No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0252

O’Neal had a playful look on his face. Looking at Jack’s physique, he seemed even smaller than Dennis. With that, he could not even take Jack seriously.

However, while O’Neal was around one meter away from Jack, he suddenly burst into action.

He jumped up in a flash and raised his right leg, sending a forceful kick at O’Neal’s neck. What went unseen was the short flash of light that came and went in an instant.

It seemed that Jack’s attack caught him completely off guard. O’Neal was not quick enough to respond. He was already hit by the kick just as his hands stretched forward.

At the same time, Jack gently landed back where he stood, hands behind his back. He seemed so carefree and relaxed.

“You…” O’Neal felt it. His cervical vertebrae were broken in an instant by the kick.
However, that was not the scariest thing. It was that unseen current that bore deep into his body from his neck. That flow of energy was extremely volatile. By all logic, it should have exploded long ago. However, it was seemingly restricted by something, only exploding when it reached specific locations.

O’Neal’s abdomen, chest, and a dozen other areas burst open, splattering blood everywhere. He spat out a mouthful of blood before falling straight onto the arena’s floor.

“What!? Those that were waiting to see Jack get slaughtered were all stunned. In less than a second after Jack’s attack, O’Neal was killed?

“Oh my god!” At first, Selena was worried about Jack but seeing the scene before her, she was shocked, her mouth opened slightly. She placed a hand over her mouth as she looked at him in disbelief.

The area turned silent in an instant before quickly going into an uproar again!

“Oh my god. Did my eyes play tricks on me? O’Neal was killed in an instant?”

“That’s right. How did O’Neal die before he could even make a move?”

“Impossible. Even Marshal Dennis was no match for O’Neal, yet this kid killed him with a single kick?” A number of people started exclaiming loudly.

“Wonderful! O’Neal’s a son of a b*tch that’s killed so many of our people. He deserves to die. This Jack guy is quite amazing!”

“Yeah, I didn’t expect him to have such terrifying strength. He actually managed to kill O’Neal in such a short time!”

Some of the audience cheered passionately instead.

“Yay, he won!”

Hugh and Rosa felt relieved. They did not wish for Selena to be widowed once more after her husband had finally returned from the battlefield.

“Selena’s husband is so amazing! My god, his strength is even greater than a marshal?” Dylan was just as excited. “Motherf*cker, that god damned American is finally dead.”

“I-I-Impossible!” Neil and Ken were dumbfounded. They were looking forward to seeing Jack’s death and Selena crying in tears. That would then allow them to take the chance to console her.
Selena might have even been touched by their actions, giving them hope. They did not expect this turn of events!

“H-h-he won?”

The general manager took a few steps back, unable to accept the outcome. Young Master Clark promised to foot the bill if Jack lost…

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