No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0253

Nevertheless, now that Jack won the match, Young Master Clark did not need to help settle the bill anymore. In fact, according to the rules set before, they needed to waive Jack’s bill and even pay him a three million dollars reward.

“General manager, for this matter… We didn’t expect him to win. It seems we’ve just saved some money!” Ken said with a smile despite feeling frustrated deep down.

Jack smiled nonchalantly and waved at Ken. “Thank you Young Master Clark for watching my back so I could fight without worry!”

“You’re welcome! We’re all acquainted and I’m even friends with Selena!” Ken laughed along, appearing as though he was on good terms with Jack.

Selena had a cold expression on her face as she remained silent. In the past, Ken carried himself like a gentleman. She had even treated him as a real friend. However, ever since this person came to her house and tried to forcefully have it demolished, she had finally seen through this two-faced persona.

Moreover, his willingness to foot the bill for Jack was with ulterior motives. Firstly, it was to have the general manager continue the match so that Jack would die. Secondly, it was to score brownie points with her. The bill totaled over 10 million dollars after all. If he paid the bill, other women might have really been touched and thrown themselves at him.

Unfortunately, Selena was not only beautiful, but she was also blessed with intelligence as well. She had long seen through the other party’s deceit.

“So strong! You’re so strong! Jack, you’re my hero!” The chubby Manager Wayne was teary-eyed. “You’re so awesome for saving my idol Dennis. Now you’re one of my idols too!”

Hearing that, Jack was at a loss on how to respond. Just how did he become her idol again?

“Brother Dennis!” A few men that looked like Dennis’ friends came looking for him and quickly ran up the arena’s stage. “Brother Dennis, are you okay? Your injuries are too severe. What should we do?”

“Call the ambulance! He should be able to survive this!” A woman interjected.

“No need for that. I have some medicine here. Just let him take that and bring him home to recuperate!” Jack walked over and crouched over Dennis, placing a black medicinal pill in his palm.

Dennis held the pill tightly and looked at Jack with his bloodshot eyes. “I-I-I…I’ve embarrassed our Daxia military!”

“Save your words. Just go back and treat your wounds! You didn’t embarrass our Daxia military, but instead honored us. Your soldier spirit is unbroken. Us soldiers should always fight to the last moment! We have to charge forward, even to our deaths!” Jack gave Dennis a smile before finally standing up. He took out a White-Sand cigarette and lit it.

“Brother Dennis, should we call the ambulance? Is this medicine reliable?” asked a man, frowning.

“It will work. Just bring me home!”

Dennis placed the pill in his mouth and swallowed it.

He knew in his heart that Jack, the Supreme Warrior, was not only good at taking lives, but was also equally good at saving them! On the battlefield, quite a number of soldiers were diagnosed to be beyond saving, yet they were all brought back to life by Jack. That was why the Supreme Warrior had another lesser-known title—Supreme Healer! A man like that was worthy of being worshipped by all of Daxia’s military.

Dennis was then carried away. At that moment, Selena’s eyes were red and she could no longer hold herself back.

She rushed up the stage and ran into Jack’s arms, pursing her sexy lips. “You oaf. How dare you give me a scare like that? Here I was thinking you might not be his match, yet you turned out to be so strong!”

“honey, I’ve already told you. It’s easy to kill this trash!” Jack chuckled, then looked toward the general manager and said, “General manager, you’ll honor your words, right? You have to waive our bill. Moreover, that three million dollars reward, I want it in cash!”

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