No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0254

The general manager’s face turned pitch black in a moment. It was not a simple 10 or 20 thousand dollars, but 12 million dollars! Furthermore, if not for the earlier discount, it would be over 14 million dollars. If he waived that bill and still paid out three million dollars, it would not just be some loss, but rather a huge hit for his business. When the time came, even his boss would reprimand and advise him against letting Jack take part in the match.

However, after some thought, he quickly broke into a smile. “what about this, little brother? We can come to a compromise. Your expenses are just too much. Those that spent their money here, including customers that booked a private luxury hall for themselves, would only have to pay around one to two million dollars. Don’t you think it’s a little over the top to have us waive such a huge bill for you as a new customer?”

Having said that, he paused for a moment before continuing, “What about this, I’ll give you a 50 percent discount. Your previous bill is over 14 million dollars. I’ll round it down for you to 14 million dollars. Adding on the 50 percent discount, you’ll only need to pay seven million dollars!”
After that, he reconsidered and added, “Of course, we’ll be giving you the reward. Deducting three million dollars from your prize money, you only need to pay us four million dollars!”

“What? After spending about 14 million dollars, he only needs to pay four million dollars? Isn’t that just too much of a benefit for that couple?” Across the room, Matt frowned.

“I don’t care. As long as his bill is not fully waived, that would be good enough!”

“I don’t care if it’s 14 million dollars or four million dollars. Jack won’t be able to pay up. As long as he can’t pay up, then the outcome is the same!” Britney cackled, patiently waiting for Jack and Selena to be beaten to death by the boss.

“What a joke!” Jack burst out laughing upon hearing the suggestion. “It’s only over 10 million dollars. It’s not like I can’t afford to pay it. However, since you’ve placed such a rule, you should honor it. What you promised was to waive the bill if I won the match, but you didn’t state how much you’d waive! Moreover, that three million is a prize reward that you must pay me! It’s a matter of principles!”

The general manager’s expression darkened immediately. “Kid, don’t make things difficult after I provided you a way out. This is our territory and our arena champion was someone we spent a lot of money to hire, yet here you go and have him killed. It’s already very generous of us not to pursue this matter with you!”

“What’s this? The great Lotus Bar and Lounge is trying to go back on a promise?” Jack was unfazed, staring straight at the other party.

However, Selena was a little scared. After all, the bar had a huge backer, a first-class aristocratic family, behind them. Otherwise, the rich kids around them would not have shut up and watched quietly instead of standing up for them.

“General manager, what about this? You waive the bill and I’ll leave the reward. We can come to another compromise! Take it as us using this three million dollars to pay for tonight’s expenses. How about it? Selena asked carefully as she took a step forward, tugging Jack’s sleeve at the same time.

“are you dreaming?” The general manager chuckled, then said, “With the arena champion dead, do you know how much loss that would incur on us? Moreover, the match earlier was not fair. It doesn’t count!”

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