No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0255

“Unfair?” Jack’s eyebrows twitched. “In front of everyone, with so many witnesses, you’re telling me it’s unfair?”

Unexpectedly the general manager retorted, “Of course it’s unfair. Dennis Howard is a marshal. He’d been fighting with O’Neal for so long. Although O’Neal won, he might’ve suffered serious injuries. It could have been that his internal injuries did not act up earlier…”

By that point, the general manager paused for a moment before continuing, “You, on the other hand, were at your peak and challenging an injured man. Do you think that’s fair? I don’t think you could’ve killed him if he wasn’t hurt!”

Jack was speechless. The person in front of him was rather resourceful, or he would not have been the general manager. His cunning was far beyond the others, seemingly allowing him to spin lies into truth.

Neil slapped his own forehead, enlightened. “That’s right, that must be it. This kid must’ve got a stroke of good luck! Like I said, he’s just an ordinary soldier. How could he possibly defeat O’Neal? Even Dennis was no match for O’Neal, much less this guy!” With that, Neil suddenly became the center of attention.

He then placed one hand behind him and raised his head slightly, saying with a smile, “Think about what happened earlier. Jack merely landed a single kick on O’Neal’s neck. I don’t think O’Neal, with his physique, would die from just a kick, right?”

“Oh yeah, that sounds about right!” Seeing an opportunity to pick on Jack, Ken immediately chimed in.

Neil then added, “Furthermore, O’Neal’s body, chest, and stomach were all hit by the great Marshal Dennis prior to the match. Coincidentally, those were the spots that burst open. What does that tell us? It proves that Marshal Dennis’ attack was the one that killed O’Neal!”
Hearing that, the general manager gave Neil a big thumbs up. “Young Master Hugo is truly smart. That’s right, I already felt that something was off but couldn’t put my finger on it. I finally understand now!”

“Yes, of course. That must be it. It felt weird to me too. How could he die from just a mere kick to the neck? Earlier, Marshal Dennis dished out so many ferocious attacks that landed on O’Neal, yet he managed to withstand it all. It proves that O’Neal’s endurance is really great!”

“Jack, on the other hand, is scrawny, nowhere near Marshal Dennis. How can his one kick kill O’Neal?”

“That’s why, the one that killed O’Neal should be Marshal Dennis! This Jack dude is just incredibly lucky!” Britney jumped in, feeling ecstatic.

With that, even those that thought Jack was stronger than Dennis started their own discussions.
They felt that Jack was just extremely lucky. Even if he had not gone into the arena, O’Neal might have just burst open soon enough. Therefore, to them, it was Dennis that killed O’Neal while Jack was the lucky one.

Selena’s expression soured as well. She also felt that something was off. Although Jack was strong, it should not have been beyond that of a marshal. He was not a King of War or God of War. How was it possible for him to kill the opponent in just one kick? Whatever it was, she had to stick to the claim that Jack was the one that killed O’Neal. Otherwise, they could not afford to pay that bill of over 10 million dollars!

At that, Selena immediately piped up, “It doesn’t matter if Jack was lucky or not, he was the one that made the kill. It happened during the second match so we won! The attack was made after the emcee officiated the match! Therefore, this reward is ours and the bill must be waived!”

“Honey, you’re absolutely right!” Jack smiled in a carefree manner and gave Selena a big thumbs up.

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