No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0258

However, Selena did not back off. Instead, she pulled Jack back and said in a worried tone, “Please stop fighting. Their boss is from a first-class aristocratic family. If we offend them, it’s equivalent to offending a first-class aristocratic family!”

Jack forced a smile, then looked at the people behind him before speaking, “Honey, do you think it’s possible to not fight now? They’re coming at us on their own. Am I supposed to stand here and let them kill me?”

Selena finally realized that it was too late. The general manager gave the order for his lackeys to take Jack out. They could not possibly just become sitting ducks.

She thought about it, then backed off a few steps. “You be careful then. Even if you can defeat them, please don’t kill them. By then, the situation will be unsalvageable!”

Jack nodded. “Relax, they’re just working under orders. Of course I won’t kill them!”

“You two are really funny. Are you trying to perform a skit for us at a time like this?” one of the big guys chuckled.

“It seems that they think this conversation will intimidate us? do you really think you killed O’Neal with your ability? You’re just lucky to have made the last hit when O’Neal is seriously injured!” said another guy.

Yet another guy broke into a grin. “I’m guessing that Marshal Dennis must’ve known some terrifying fist technique. His fist technique’s strength lies in its ability to leave behind lingering energy in the opponent’s body after an attack. It may not seem like much and the opponent would hardly feel the injury. However, once the energy collects and reaches a certain time, it will explode. That’s why O’Neal’s body finally burst open!”

At that point, he stopped momentarily and then continued, “You, on the other hand, had merely got lucky and kicked O’Neal right as the energy exploded!”

“So that’s what it was. As expected of a marshal, what a miraculous fist technique!”

“That’s why. Here I was wondering how a nameless soldier like him could instantly take out O’Neal. So that was the reason. He’s gotten really lucky!”

“Ah, I get it now!”

The other bystanders were coming to their own realization. The scene where Jack killed O’Neal with a mere kick had shocked them greatly, to the point that they thought Jack was a King of War or even God of War. With further consideration, they finally figured out the reason. Seeing that everyone had come to the same conclusion, Jack felt relieved.

All the while, he wanted to keep a low profile. He only wanted to stay beside his wife and daughter and pass their days in peace without being disturbed. Otherwise, he would have people looking to gain his favor wherever he went with insincere words. Just the thought of a life like that gave him a headache. If not for that, his own disciple Lana Zechs would not need to wear a mask or shades before going out.

Earlier, in order to save Dennis, he was forced to take action. However, Dennis was a marshal. If he defeated O’Neal, that would expose his own strength and bring about suspicions. In order to hide his identity and keep his terrifying strength a secret, Jack resorted to that move, one that made everyone feel that O’Neal’s death was most likely due to Dennis.

Of course, he was also lucky that Dennis had fought O’Neal in a dragged out match and landed so many punches on his opponent. His opponent had indeed taken quite some damage, therefore making it a believable story. As for his kick on O’Neal’s neck that led to his chest and abdomen bursting apart, it was done intentionally to make others feel that something was off. It would also divert their attention to Dennis.

“You’re right. That must have been what happened!” Unexpectedly, Jack admitted it with a smile.

However, he turned to the big guys and said, “Although I’m no match for Dennis and O’Neal, I’m still capable of dealing with the few of you!”

“we’re not as weak as you think!” One guy dashed at them after laughing out loud, sending a punch at Jack.

Jack shifted slightly to the side and avoided the opponent’s attack. With a backhanded pull, a great surge of force caused the opponent to lose his balance as he immediately fell face-first to the ground.

“Motherf*cker, you’re quite fast!” Two other guys attacked Jack from two different directions.

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