No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0260

“What?! He’s hiring him as the arena champion!” some people exclaimed as they finally understood what was happening.

“It’s dangerous to be the arena champion. Encountering an expert would be as good as death. Even if the opponent were gracious enough not to kill, he would most likely be disabled!” said another bystander.

“However, the arena champion is a profitable position. The pay is not tallied per month but per match instead. Only when someone registers for the challenge will there be a match!” others chimed in.

“What a lucky guy. He got his bill waived, gained three million dollars, and most importantly, he found a job!” Matt was speechless. At first he hoped for Jack to take the challenge and get killed by O’Neal just so that he could add to Selena’s suffering. He had not expected this to be the outcome!

“I’m sorry but I’m not interested!”

“Moreover, I advise you to stop these activities, otherwise…your bar might be closed down!” Jack reminded him with a shrug.

“brother, you really know how to joke. This is the territory of a first-class aristocratic family. An ordinary person wouldn’t have the authority to close this place down!” Keaton burst out laughing, then narrowed his eyes. “I don’t like to beat around the bush. I’ll ask you one last time. Will you be the arena champion!?”

“The answer is the same. Not interested!” Jack shrugged once more, firm with his decision.

“You’re choosing the less favorable option, eh?” With a scornful smile, Keaton waved his hand. “Rocky, give him a good beating. Moreover, he must pay every single cent for tonight’s bill. Otherwise, don’t let him leave!”

“Yes boss!” Rocky was a one-eyed man. He kneaded his fists before stepping forward.

“Looks like you’re a lot stronger than these guys!” Jack glanced at those big guys in suits lying on the floor. He could tell that Rocky was not a simple person.

From the way he walked, he noticed something was different. Of course, a person like this was inconsequential to Jack.

“Good observation!” Rocky smirked. “In that case, are you scared?”

“Not at all. I’ve never been scared during my five years on the battlefield, much less because of you!” Jack forced a smile.

“You’re rather confident!” Rocky replied as he prepared to act.

Right then, a middle-aged woman with a little boy made her way in through the crowd. She looked at the situation and immediately shouted, “Stop!”

Rocky was surprised and immediately turned around, greeting her loudly, “Mrs. Roy!”

“Honey, what’s wrong?” Keaton frowned immediately with a confused look on his face.
Taking a look, Selena’s heart was overjoyed. She did not expect this woman to be Mrs. Roy. Jack had just saved her son at the zoo in the morning. No wonder she was able to offer 50 million dollars as a reward just like that. It turned out that she was from a first-class aristocratic family.

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