No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0261

“Benefactor, why are you here? I’ve really misunderstood your intentions at the zoo this morning. I thought you weren’t a doctor and therefore, didn’t know how to treat my son. Surprisingly, my son’s leg is all better now as he’s able to run and jump!” Mrs. Roy brought her son to Jack, then urged her son, “Go say thank you to this uncle. If not for him, you’d be dead!”

“Thank you uncle, you’re so amazing! I want to be as strong as you are in the future! Thank you for chasing the tigers away or I’d be dead!” Little Jake looked at Jack, his eyes filled with admiration and respect.

“What?!” Keaton took a deep breath, then asked anxiously, “Honey, i-i-is he the benefactor who held down two Siberian tigers with each of his hands that you told me about?” Keaton was very anxious, to the point where his voice was trembling.

“That’s right. I didn’t think he’d be here. What’s happening?” Mrs. Roy asked suspiciously after looking at the people lying about on the floor.

“A misunderstanding, it’s all a misunderstanding!” Keaton then carefully introduced them to his wife before saying apologetically, “I didn’t expect that he would be the benefactor I’d been looking for all this while!”

“It can’t be. He’s actually the man that defeated the Siberian tigers, my idol?!” Manager Wayne’s eyes were twinkling as she almost jumped out of her seat. She had finally met her idol. Now there was only that one idol remaining, the one that killed over 200 men from the Dragon God clan.

“Is this for real? I’ve heard this afternoon that someone saved a kid that fell into the tiger viewing zone at the zoo. The situation was terrifying. I didn’t expect that kid to be the son of this establishment’s boss!”

“Moreover, the person that saved his son was actually Jack!”

Britney was quite badly shaken. To hold a tiger down with one hand, even if his strength was lesser than Dennis, was not something an ordinary person was capable of. It would seem that Jack, who was a soldier on the battlefield for five years, had some ability that was sufficient enough to be considered an expert.

“Y-y-you almost had Rocky kill our benefactor! If not for him, our son would’ve been devoured by the tigers!” Mrs. Roy was furious, pulling at Keaton’s ears.

“Ouch, it hurts. Honey, please, lighten your grip. We’re outside now. Didn’t you promise to not embarrass me in public? There are so many people watching now!” Keaton’s face turned red from the pain, dropping his cigar on the floor as he begged for mercy.

Upon witnessing the scene, everyone was dumbfounded. They did not expect him to be henpecked.

Jack and Selena exchanged looks, then showed an odd expression on their faces. Selena felt the burden in her heart lighten. It seemed that she would not have to worry about being held here tonight.

“What are you waiting for? Go apologize to our benefactor. Here you are trying to have him be your arena champion. How can you be this dumb?” Mrs. Roy let go of Keaton’s ears then placed her hands on her hips, assuming an intimidating pose.

It was apparent that this woman was not someone a normal person could match when she threw a tantrum.

Keaton finally walked awkwardly toward Jack and bowed respectfully. “I’m sorry. All that was a misunderstanding. I really didn’t know that you were the benefactor I’d been looking for to express my gratitude! If not for you taking action, my son would’ve been a goner. He’s my only child!”

Having said that, he raised his head and looked directly at Jack. “Your bill for today will be waived. That three million dollars reward is too little. To show my gratitude, I’ll pay you 100 million dollars!”

“What! 100 million dollars!?” Rosa, Hugh, and the others all gasped. 100 million dollars. That was 100 million dollars! Jack had just hit the jackpot. Moreover, Jack and Selena could finally live a comfortable life.

“So much money!” Matt’s expression darkened as he was dumbstruck. That was a gift from the heavens. If he had 100 million dollars, he would not have to lower himself to be a boy toy and marry a woman like Britney.

“your wife offered me 50 million dollars this morning and I rejected it. I didn’t expect that by nightfall, the price would actually go up!” Jack made a pained smile, then stated, “I’m sorry, I don’t want the money! I only want the three million dollars cash reward!”


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