No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0262

“Oh my god, it’s 100 million dollars! That’s 100 million dollars! He’s actually rejecting it for the three million dollars? Is he stupid?” Britney shouted. She was shocked to her core.

“Yeah. Damn it, with 100 million dollars, you’re set for life. Why did he reject it? If it were me, I’d definitely agree to it without hesitation!” Matt also exclaimed in astonishment, wondering if he was in a dream.

“Who said that being a soldier is useless? This guy is strong and good at fighting. He can hold two Siberian tigers with his bare hands. Now that his lucky moment came and he managed to save the son of Master Roy’s brother, he’s being granted a great fortune in one go!”

“However, why is he refusing to take it?” Dylan also looked confused. “Aren’t they poor? They’re so poor that they can’t even afford to pay the 10 million dollars bill, yet now he’s refusing 100 million dollars? Nevertheless, if you say they don’t like money, then why take the three million dollars?”

Hearing Dylan’s statement, Rachel and the others were similarly confused. Almost everyone was dumbstruck, Ken and Neil included.

“Selena, is your husband stupid? He’s choosing three million dollars over 100 million dollars?” Ken made a scornful smile before quickly adding, “That house of yours is so dilapidated. The last time we almost marked it as unfit for habitation. Although the experts later marked it as safe, I don’t think it’ll last much longer. With 100 million dollars, you can purchase a luxurious house. Why are you making this choice?”

“Selena, is your husband a moron? Is his brain functioning properly? Why would he make such a decision?!” Neil chimed in as well.

“You’re the moron!” Selena shot him a foul look. “Although I want 100 million dollars as well, I’ll respect my husband’s choice! He’s right. When he saved the boy, he had not thought of a reward! His mind was on saving the boy! That was his original intention!”

Hearing that, Jack immediately burst out laughing. He took a few steps forward and held onto Selena’s hand, saying, “It’s still my wife that knows me best. That’s exactly my intention. When I saved the kid, it was not for the money. That’s why I don’t want this money. This is not a transaction!” At that, Jack paused for a moment before continuing, “However, I won this three million dollars from the arena match. By the rules set, it’s mine. Although it’s not much, I’m not going to say no to it!”

Selena’s face turned scarlet. This person had actually held her hands on his own accord in front of so many people. Despite being husband and wife, she still felt as though she had butterflies in her stomach, unable to remain calm.

“Yes, of course. Cash, right? Go get it ready!” Keaton immediately walked up and gave the general manager a kick. “You stupid pig. What’s wrong with your eyes? You couldn’t even recognize my benefactor?”

The general manager turned around to look at Keaton, feeling wronged. How would he have known such a thing? He had only heard about it that night itself that someone saved a child at the zoo by holding down the Siberian tigers with his hand. At that time, he was even joking about which hero had subdued the tigers. After all, Wu Song in Water Margin could only handle one tiger, yet he managed two. Who knew that the child would be his boss’ son? Moreover the hero was actually the guy that took part in the arena match.

The general manager quickly carried two suitcases of cash over, totaling to three million dollars, and placed them in front of Jack.

“Brother, three hundred million dollars is really too little. You saved my one and only son. Why don’t you take a little more? If you only take three million dollars, my son’s life would seem too cheap. I’ll feel really bad about it!” Keaton made a pained smile, trying once more to persuade Jack.

“It’s not just three million dollars. There’s also the waived bill, isn’t there?” Jack smiled as he lifted the two suitcases of money and got ready to leave.

However, he stopped after giving it some thought. “If you’re really going to feel bad about it, then stop this kind of underground boxing match. I’m telling you the truth. If you keep this up, I can have your bar closed!”

Keaton’s expression darkened and lowered his head in silence for a moment before speaking, “Forget it, I’ll stop running this place. Bloody h*ll, I’ll take it as building good karma for my son. Money still needs to be made but it shouldn’t be with violence!”

“It’s good that you know!” Jack stated coldly, then led Selena down from the stage.

Quite a number of people could not resist applauding him. Although Jack’s killing of O’Neal was due to luck, if not for his last hit, O’Neal might not have died.


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