No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0266

“Jack, to be honest, the 100 million dollars is very tempting. After all, you would have had enough money for grandfather’s birthday if we took it. But come to think of it, we can’t take the money.”

They went back home and had their bath. Selena was lying sideways on the bed while looking at Jack lying on the ground as he smiled and said, “I realize both of us might be meant for each other. Sometimes, we just seem to have the same thoughts! If I saved the boy for the money, I would’ve taken it. However, the money wasn’t on my mind when I was saving him, so I wasn’t going to take it!”

Jack smiled and looked at Selena who was dressed in sexy sleepwear. Then, he said, “Honey, Kylie seems to be fast asleep. Can I kiss you?”

Selena instantly rolled her eyes at Jack, “In your dreams. But I have a question for you. What are you going to do with the stolen 3.8 million? Don’t forget that mom set a time limit for you!”
Worried, she spoke again after she was done talking. “Also, we agreed to give mom only 10 million worth of betrothal gifts. You’re the one who allowed her to take advantage of you and now she’s asking for 20 million. On top of that, you have to compensate Ivan 10 million dollars and gifts worth a few ten million dollars. You have to prepare 40 million dollars in total on grandfather’s birthday. How are you going to find that much money?”

“Don’t worry! I have my own ways!” Jack said, unconcerned. He finished talking and after thinking for a few moments, he continued, “By the way, didn’t you think Xena was suspicious? What if we put on a show with your mum? What do you think?”

“My mum? Will she work together with us? What if she doesn’t want to work with us?” Selena was shocked. She wondered what Jack was plotting now.

“don’t worry. If she doesn’t want to put on a show with us, I’ll tell her we’re never going to get the money back! If she works with us, we’ll get the money back very soon. What do you think? Anyways, knowing her personality, I think she’ll agree to work with us!” Jack laughed as he briefed Selena on the details.

The next morning, Jack and Selena drove to work respectively. Selena arrived at the office. Work had just started and soon after, Sonia knocked on the door and came in.

She was holding two resumes in her hand. She walked up to Selena and handed them over to her. “Manager Taylor, these two are the selected applicants whom I picked out from a group of outstanding people through interviews. You can make your final decision between these two! One of them is a male, while the other is a female!”

She was done talking but seeing how Selena kept silent, she took another look at the resume and said,” Both of them are outstanding, but I would suggest you choose the male candidate. After all, males would be much more helpful if we need someone to help us drink during business meetings where alcohol is present. Moreover, he just came back from overseas. His name is Trevor Turner and he’s very good in all aspects!”

Selena nodded her head, “He just came back from overseas? Not bad indeed. Is he here now?”

Sonia nodded her head excitedly when she heard what Selena said, “He’s here, he’s here. He’s right outside the door. Should I ask him to come in?”

“What about the other one? Although she’s lacking in many aspects compared to the guy based on her resume, I would like to meet her in person before I make my decision!” Selena smiled at Sonia and said.

Sonia’s expression changed drastically after hearing Selena say that. Fortunately, she had already prepared a backup plan. She frowned and said, “Manager, I’m not quite sure what happened to that lady. I told her to come for the interview at 9am but she did not show up until now. I called her and she said that she fell sick, so she couldn’t come in.”

Selena sneered secretly. She might have believed it if she had not been made unhappy after going to that party last night.

“Really? I’ll give her a call then!” Selena grabbed her phone.

“Ah…” Sonia was shocked. The phone number was a fake number she had made up. She was not sure if Selena’s call would go through. Moreover, the resume was fake as well. The person did not exist. She did not expect Selena to be interested in that person’s resume.

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