No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0267

“What’s wrong? You can’t get through the phone?” Selena’s face darkened as she questioned Sonia.

Sonia’s heart jolted as she smiled awkwardly, “No, no, you can reach her by phone!”

Selena pretended to take out her phone and dialed the number. In fact, she was actually calling Rosa, “Hello, are you here yet? You have an interview today, remember?”

Sonia felt ashamed. She did not expect Selena’s call to actually get through to the fake number she had made up. However, it was fine even if she could. The person on the other end of the call might assume that it was a fraud call. He or she might just hang up or tell Selena off.

“You’re right at the company’s door? Alright, you can just come straight in later!” Selena hung up after saying just that one sentence. “She’s right at the door and is coming in now. Why did you say she was sick and couldn’t attend the interview?”

“That’s impossible!” Sonia was startled but quickly snapped back to her senses. It might have been a coincidence. The owner of the number might have also been looking for a job and was supposed to attend an interview today. Therefore, it must have been a coincidence.

“Why is it impossible?” Selena thought it was funny seeing Sonia’s surprised face.

“No… Nothing. It’s possible because there’s this girl named Avril that’s been fooling around with me!” Sonia laughed awkwardly before speaking to Selena again, “Manager, people like her are not reliable. You cannot hire her!”

“I know what to do!” Selena smiled.

“That’s great!” Sonia nodded her head but was sneering in her heart. She secretly thought that no matter how long Selena waited, Avril would never appear because she did not exist!

“I’ll take a look at the guy who just came back from overseas first!” Selena sat on her office chair. She leaned back, looking extremely relaxed.

“Alright!” Sonia was excited when she listened to what Selena had to say. She immediately exited the room.

Not long after, the office door opened and Trevor entered the room. He closed the door and smiled as he said, “Hello manager…” Trevor reached out his hand to greet the manager in front of him as he talked. However, he froze on the spot before he could finish his words.

After a few moments, he voiced his surprise, “Selena, why… Why are you here? What are you doing here? Are you a staff member? Where is the manager?”

Selena shrugged. “This is the manager’s office and I’m sitting here. What do you think I’m doing here?”

“You’re the manager? No way!” Trevor was in disbelief. “You make one million a month and are the one they called the beautiful manager?”

“are you surprised?” Selena laughed. “Someone was boasting about himself yesterday, determined that he would definitely get this job. Do you still think you can get the job now?”

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