No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0268

Trevor’s expression darkened instantly. He desperately wanted to dig a hole and jump into it.
He boasted in front of everyone last night. He even told everybody, including the details of his tactic to get the role. That was not the main point. What mattered most was he told everybody that the manager got the job through dishonest means in front of Selena. He said that the manager must be involved in some secret affair with the young master of Drake’s family. That was how she got the job and was paid well. He never expected Selena to be the one whom he had been talking about.

However, Trevor was thick-skinned. He laughed and said, “Selena, I was drunk talking yesterday. I hope you don’t mind what happened. We were old classmates. I believe I will be the best candidate to help you out.”

Right at that moment, a knock on the door sounded across the room.

“Come in!” Selena called at the door.

Soon after, Sonia came in through the door, “Manager, there’s a person named Rosa outside and she insisted that you called her here for an interview. It’s impossible, right? Our interviewee’s name is supposed to be Avril, right? Is she in the wrong department?”

“Let her in!” Selena smiled after she said.

Soon after, Sonia walked out with a confused face and brought Rosa into the room.

“Manager, what’s happening right now?” Looking at Trevor who was silent while wearing a gloomy face, she could sense that something was wrong. She could not help but ask softly.

“You’d better close the door first. It’s better if the other colleagues don’t hear us! Let’s save your face!” Selena said coldly.

Sonia knew that something was wrong, but still, she walked over and closed the door.

“Rosa, what are you doing here? Are you here for the interview?” Trevor’s expression could not have been grimmer. The position for the manager assistant was only open for one person. If Rosa was here for the interview, does that mean that his job would be scuppered?

Rosa smiled awkwardly, “Trevor, don’t you remember Selena giving me her name card yesterday? She said that I’m a capable person and asked me to call her if I want to change my job. I didn’t pay attention at that time. It was only when I got back home that I realized Selena is the procurement manager in this company. So I’m here for the interview now!”

“You know each other?” Sonia’s lips twitched violently. The current situation was worse than she imagined. She could not believe Selena was the one who called the lady over for the interview. Does that mean that the chances of her boyfriend, Trevor, to get the job were slim?

“Not only we know each other; three of us were classmates in university!” Selena smiled coldly and said, “I only found out that you are Trevor’s girlfriend yesterday. Trevor praised you a lot. He told me how capable you are, and told me how you backstabbed me by telling others I had an affair with the young master of the Drake family. I handle things open and aboveboard. I don’t play tricks, but who would’ve thought…”

Sonia was infuriated when she heard Selena’s words. She regretted very much having said such things about Selena. Things would not turn out this way if she attended the dinner yesterday. She did not follow Trevor to the dinner because her best friend asked her out to go shopping. She did not expect Trevor and Selena were university mates. Moreover, Trevor that bastard spilled everything to Selena. Selena must despise her a lot now.

“By the way, Trevor, I remember you saying that Avril’s resume is made up, right? Also, you mentioned that the one who made up the resume is your girlfriend, our supervisor here! Am I right?”

Seeing Trevor kept silent, Selena questioned him.

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