No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0269

Trevor gritted his teeth and lifted his head, “Selena, don’t be too excited. I’m just unlucky this time to fall in your hands. It’s just a position for an assistant. I refuse to do it now! I don’t believe I can’t find a better job with my abilities!”

“Hah, your abilities? How disappointing. You only knew how to spend your time on games when you lived overseas. Then, you come back and boasted to everyone, telling everybody you’re from overseas. Is that what you call your ability?” Once again, Selena laughed.

“Trevor, I don’t mean to blame you, but you really went overboard last night. If I was Selena, I wouldn’t dare to hire you!” Rosa sighed. People like him who loved to play dirty tricks would backstab you at any time.

“who are you to make fun of me?” Trevor smiled coldly instead. His eyes looked evil as he said coldly, “I’m a man who will take responsibility for what I did. You don’t allow me to work here? I’ll leave then. I might even find a better job!”

He turned his head to look at Selena after he finished his words. Then, he scoffed, “Selena, stop acting like you’re all pure. Do you think I believe a manager like you can get a million dollars per month? The previous manager only got over a few hundred thousand dollars. How come you can get a million dollars? What is done by night appears by day.”

“How can you make so much without hooking up with the young master? I don’t believe it!” Trevor knew that everything was over and he would not get the job. So, he simply flipped out.

“Selena Taylor, you’re too much. How dare you humiliate my boyfriend? You’re so petty!” Sonia said angrily.

“Tsk tsk, how is it my fault now? You eliminated everybody and allowed your boyfriend to come for a second interview without having to go through the first one. Moreover, you made up a fake resume. You created a fake competitor so he had no rivals. I didn’t even blame you but now you’re trying to accuse me?”

Selena did not back down. She already let her off for what happened previously. She did not expect Sonia would use such means again. What mattered most was that she was the supervisor. One would never know what else she would do if Selena let her off the hook again.

“You’re blaming me? yes, I was the one who did everything. So, what are you going to do?” Fueled by anger, Sonia crossed her arms in front of her chest, “My man is a capable guy. I’m being nice to you by introducing him to help you out with work but look at what you’re doing, you’re mistaking a good man for a bad one!”

“Forget it, Sonia. I’ll leave. It’s not like I can’t find another job!” Trevor clenched his fist tightly and glared at Selena. Then, he opened the door, stomped out of the room, and slammed the door.

“Selena, you’re way too much! Don’t you know how to do something out of consideration for someone else? I’ve been working here for so many years. You’re already lucky enough to become the manager. I recommended my boyfriend but surprisingly, you didn’t even think of helping me!” Sonia gritted her teeth. Her eyes were burning with fire.

“You call that recommending? Recommending through such means?” Selena stunned. Then, she said, “Go out and do your work properly. You’re lucky I didn’t fire you!”

“Fire me? Do you even have the right to do that?” Sonia was infuriated, “I am the supervisor. You have to get approval from the human resources department to fire me. You don’t have the right to do so. Hmph! I’ll complain to my uncle about how you humiliate me today! He should at least transfer you to another department!” Sonia stomped out of the room angrily without another word.

“Close the door gently. Don’t ruin the door, otherwise, you have to pay for it!” Selena reminded her.

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