No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0272

Looking at Jack’s slightly angered face, Tanya who was standing at the side could not help but laughed. Who would’ve known that this guy loved his wife so much? Moreover, looking at him from the side, his cold face appeared very handsome and domineering. Tanya was entranced for a moment.

“No way. Selena Taylor is the eldest miss of the Taylor family. She did quite well back then when she was managing the Taylor family’s business! I believe in her; she’s not a nepotist! Maybe her friend is really a capable person! There must be some misunderstanding between you two!”
James smiled calmly and said, “Sonia, you’ve been working for the Drake family for years; I know you might feel unhappy with the sudden presence of a manager. However, we decided to do this after much deliberation. You just have to cooperate with manager Taylor, alright?”

“Uncle, that’s not true! I’m not such a petty person! It’s manager Taylor; she only wants to hire her friend… Moreover, she even said she wanted to fire me. She really ticks me off!” Sonia spoke again.

“a person like you should be fired!” Right at that moment, the door opened. Jack was the first to enter the house.

Tanya felt ashamed. Which part of that guy’s imposing manner made him look like a bodyguard? She, the eldest miss, who was trailing behind Jack’s back, looked more like a bodyguard instead. However, whenever she remembered how her father asked her to befriend Jack because he might be a King of War, she told herself to endure it!

“You, why are you here?” Sonia was shocked when she laid eyes on Jack. It was only then that she remembered Jack was working there as a bodyguard. She also heard that he earned 20 million dollars per month. She did not expect someone would hear her complaining. She felt guilty and immediately lowered her head. She did not dare to look into Jack’s eyes.

“If I’m not here, will I find out that you’re accusing somebody else when in fact you are the one who is guilty? I am Miss Drake’s personal guard. Isn’t it normal for me to be here?” Jack’s hands were behind his back as he lifted his head slightly. He oozed an aura that no one else had.

Tanya who was behind him wanted to choke him badly. She asked him to protect her. How did he become her personal bodyguard? Wasn’t it too much to say the word ‘personal’? Moreover, what kind of personal bodyguard would walk ahead and act like he was the boss? He was stealing her spotlight.

Seeing Sonia remained silent as she felt guilty, Jack spoke to James, “Master Drake, this woman is absolutely shameless. The person who she recommended as my wife’s assistant was actually her boyfriend. Here’s the thing…” Jack briefly told James the whole story.

“Sonia, is James telling me the truth? Why do I feel like you are the nepotist here? Moreover, according to what Jack said, Rosa is a capable person as she could take up more than her own responsibilities. Do you think your boyfriend is suitable to become the assistant manager in our company?” James’s face darkened as he said in a slightly angry tone.

“He’s talking nonsense!” Sonia refused to admit. She stepped forward, lifted her head furiously, and started arguing, “You’re Selena’s husband. Of course, you would defend her! Hmph, both of you are working hand in glove to accuse me.”


Jack gave her a slap across her cheek, “I can say in all honesty that my wife and I are truthful people. How dare you blame us for accusing you!”


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