No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0275

Seeing Xena and Ben present, Jack and Selena looked at each other and smiled.

“Mom here is three million in cash. The Drake family rewarded Jack for his good performance.” Selena smiled and shouted out to Fiona who was not far away.

Fiona’s eyes lit up as she heard what Selena said, “Really? That’s great. The Drake family is really rich. How could they reward him with so much money?”

“Oh, I went out with the second miss today. Two punks who did not recognize the second miss tried to bully her. So, they ended up getting beaten up by me! They were happy with what I did so they gave me three million cash and I brought the money back!” Jack smiled and said again, “Mother-in-law, your 3.8 million dollars was robbed the other day, right? To make up for your loss, this three million here is for you. Go to the bank and deposit the money tomorrow morning!”

“Alright. That’s great!” Fiona was very excited, “Boy, seems like you’ve been doing quite well recently. However, don’t forget that you still owe us 20 million worth of betrothal gifts on Grandpa’s birthday. Otherwise, we won’t admit that you are our son-in-law!”

“Don’t worry… I will give you the exact amount!” Jack laughed as he spoke.

Xena went back home after dinner.

The next morning, Fiona and Andrew brought the bag and went out riding on their electric scooter.

Jack and Selena had been hiding near the bank they visited the other time.

“If the motorbike robbers appear again this time, it meant that Xena was the one who informed them!” Jack smiled coldly and said, “I think there’s a high possibility that they will appear again!”

“Ben adored Xena so much. If he finds out that Xena was the one behind all this…he must be very heartbroken. Sometimes, I wish Xena was not the culprit!” Selena sighed.

Soon after, they could see Fiona and Andrew on the electric scooter. They parked the electric scooter next to the road.

“Honey, Jack said that the motorbike robbers will appear to rob our money if we come to the bank again. Do you think it’s possible?” Carrying the bag, Fiona said, “How dare that kid threaten me. He said we won’t find the three million dollars in seven days’ time if we don’t put up an act with him.”

“let’s try. I thought it was weird too. The motorbike robbers aren’t God; how can they sense that we’re here and come rob us just like that?” Andrew laughed and said, “Grab the bag tightly. Don’t let others snatch the bag away like the other time.”

“Don’t worry, I’m alert this time. There’s no way they can rob my money so easily.” Fiona laughed.

Right at that moment, two motorbikes appeared from an alley on the other side. Each motorbike was carrying a person behind. Fiona immediately became alert when she saw them revving up the engine and rushing over. It seemed like the motorbike robbers were really here. Seeing the motorbike getting closer to them, Fiona turned around and held the bag tightly in front of her chest. The robber tried to reach for the bag but he grabbed nothing. The motorbike stopped immediately. The men got down from the motorbikes and started snatching the bag in Fiona’s embrace.

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