No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0276

“Oh, what do we do now? Where’s Jack? Tell him to come quick! The robbers on motorbikes are coming!” Fiona was scared out of her wits. Her arms were tightly wrapped around the money; she fought with every bit of her strength.

Andrew wanted to grab the other man, but he was shoved until he fell onto the ground instead. The two men immediately approached Fiona for the pouch.

At this moment, Jack sprinted into view.

“Hurry, Jack. Hurry! I can’t hold on much longer. The money is being taken away!” Fiona shrieked when she saw Jack.

Unfortunately, her strength could not match that of the two young men. The pouch in her hands was snatched away.

“Stop!” Fiona leaped forward at the thought of the 3 million dollars in that pouch, latching onto the man who just got onto the motorbike.

“Let me go, you old b*tch!” Shock jolted through the man when Fiona latched onto him. He kicked Fiona until she tumbled onto the ground. The bike took off in a cloud of dust. Two other bikes sped forward, following the first bike.
However, Jack was only standing a few meters apart from them.

“Stop!” He hollered, his expression darkening.

“Run over that mother*cker!” One of the men driving the bikes accelerated straight into Jack’s direction.

“Jack, get out of the way!” Selena cried when she saw this, shock rippling throughout her.
It would be nothing but trouble if the bike hit Jack at the speed it was going.

However, just as the bike was about to hit him, she never expected Jack to dodge so artfully. With another maneuver, the bike suddenly flipped. The two people on the bike were sprawled on the ground in a flash and tumbled a good few meters. Lacerations ripped quite a few areas of their skin. The other bike so happened to be rushing forward as well, but it rammed into the fallen bike. The rider slammed on the brakes, but the bike flipped anyway. The two people on it also tumbled onto the ground, squealing in pain.

At this moment, Fiona, Andrew, and Selena finally ran over.

“B*stards. Do you have a death wish, taking my money away?” Fiona was so furious she could explode. She immediately picked up the pouch containing the money before landing a few vicious kicks on one of the men sprawled on the ground.

Jack also walked over. With each kick, he sent the four men flying to a tree by the roadside, as though they were soccer balls.

“Sir, please–please spare us!” One of the men begged in wretched gasps after he realized just how strong Jack was. He ripped his helmet off.

His three comrades simply lay there, helpless. They knew that they had picked on the wrong person this time. They were doomed.

“What about the 3.8 million dollars you guys snatched two days ago? Where is it now? Tell me. Also, how do you know that my mother-in-law comes here to keep her money?” Jack squatted and asked, his expression placid.

“We–we don’t know anything about that 3.8 million. It was a coincidence—we saw that this old lady had a pouch in her hands and thought that there was money inside. That’s why we acted on a whim. You’ll let us go right, sir? We won’t dare to do this no more!” One of the men’s gaze flickered before he explained the situation to Jack.

Jack chuckled coldly. He stood back up and pressed a foot onto the man’s arm. “I can easily break this arm of yours if you don’t tell me the truth!”

The other man was crying out in pain although Jack had not exerted much strength. “I was wrong, sir. I was wrong. Please, not so far. I’ll tell you–I’ll tell you everything. All right?”

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