No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0277

“Well, tell us quickly. I’ll have you know that he’s super strong. There’s a possibility that he’ll kill all of you if you don’t talk!” Fiona did not have a shred of pity for the snatch thieves. She spoke with venom in her voice, and she constantly launched her foot toward them. For the past two days, she had not eaten or slept well, thinking about her 3.8 million dollars.

“I’ll tell you! We handed the 3.8 million to our boss after we took it. And he gave each of us a share of it!” The man immediately spilled everything, evidently terrified.

“Then how do you guys know that we keep our money here? It can’t be a coincidence!” Jack asked them again. He already had the answer, but he needed proper confirmation. Furthermore, there was no way that Andrew and Fiona would think that the culprit was Xena. The two of them—especially Fiona—had already treated Xena as a daughter-in-law.

“It–it was Xena Jackson who told our boss. She’s also a member of the Motorbike Robbers. She gives us information, and if we get the money, she gets twenty percent of the share all to herself. She gets even more than we do!” The man immediately revealed.

“Xena!” Fiona’s features contorted; she almost wanted to faint. Her head buzzed.

“No way. How could she…” Andrew was speechless. He never imagined that Xena was the mastermind.

“Now I remembered. The two times when we spoke about keeping our money, Xena and Ben were there. There’s no way Ben would have done this. But I never thought… We treated her so nicely, and she…” Realization washed over Andrew. He looked at his son-in-law. “Jack, both of us were just a witness to your show, right?” he said. “I guess that you suspected Xena a long time ago.”

Selena cut in before Jack could speak, “Dad, it has nothing to do with him. The main point is that I thought that there was something off about Xena. That woman can’t be up to anything good, so I suspected her. I just told Jack to find a way to make something happen to reveal the truth!”

“I don’t care who it is! I just want my money back!” After the shock had subsided, Fiona shrieked even more furiously, “It must have been the four of you the last time! Give my money back. Give my 3.8 million dollars back!”
“We didn’t make much money, Ma’am. We only got about 10 thousand each here. More importantly, the boss of the Motorbike Robbers took the money. Of course, other than him, it’s Xena who took the most. The other members of our gang got only a few thousand each. They’re probably just gonna use it for dinner or something!” The man had a bitter expression. His injuries were pretty serious now. He wondered if he would be beaten to death if Fiona continued to kick him like that.

“You’ll still have to go to work later, Selena. How about this? You take Mother and Father back first, and I’ll get them to take me to their boss. I’ll help Mother find her money.” Jack said to Selena after he thought for a while.

“All right. But you have to be careful, understand?” Selena bobbed her head. She was well aware that not only would she and Fiona not be of much help if they went, but they might be of hindrance to Jack instead. It would be better for him to go alone.

“Jack, I’m entrusting my money into your hands. You have to get it back! Besides, you told me that you would compensate for my losses if you couldn’t find it within a week!” Fiona reminded Jack. She did not care whether he would be in danger.

“Let’s go, Ma!” Selena flashed a mirthless smile.

“We’re not leaving just yet. We’re already right outside the bank. We’ll go back once I’ve deposited this 3 million. Jack told me that it’s for me!” Fiona said, grinning. She took the pouch and headed toward the direction of the bank.

“Ma, take a look inside that pouch. There’s only scrap paper in there. What money are you talking about?” Selena’s lips curled into a bitter smile.

“What?” Fiona released a gasp of disbelief. Now she understood why Selena had stopped her from opening the pouch while they were playing along; it was because there was no money inside there all along.

She opened the pouch. Anger suddenly gripped her, and she just plopped onto the ground. “My money—3 million! Gone!”

Selena cast Jack a look; she did not know whether to laugh or cry at this.

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