No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0278

Andrew, too, did not know whether to laugh or cry when he saw his wife on the ground like that. “Don’t you get it? There was never any money inside. Miss Tanya never gave Jack a bonus. It was a trick to lure Xena.”

“Let’s go, Ma. We’ll go back home first. I believe that Jack will get your 3.8 million dollars back very soon!” Selena helped her mother to get onto her feet, and the three of them disappeared quickly.

Jack watched as the four men slowly stood up, their faces ashen. He pondered for a moment. “Let’s go,” he said. “Bring me to your boss.”

“Sir, can’t you spare us? Our boss will beat us to death if he ever found out that we betrayed him!” One of the men immediately pleaded, terror seizing his veins.

“Then I’ll beat all of you to death now if you don’t take me to him!” Jack threatened them, chuckling.

“I advise you to not go at all,” another man said. “You seem really strong, but if you do, not only you might not be able to get the money, you might even die a nasty death!”

“You guys don’t have to worry about this. Just take me there. I won’t stop you from leaving if you want to then!” Jack emitted a humorless chuckle. He did not believe that he could not take on the Motorbike Robbers.

“All right then, punk. Just don’t regret everything once you get there. Our boss is a real mean character. Anything he takes, it’ll never see daylight again!”

“And killing someone in Eastfield is as easy as breathing for him!” The man from before spoke to Jack again.

“Really? Then I want to see how mean he can be for myself!” Jack shrugged his shoulders.

As the four men were not critically injured, Jack let them rest for a few minutes before forcing them to get back on the bikes, with him riding pillion to see their boss. At that moment, in a small forest on the outskirts of the city, plenty of motorbikes were gathered and parked in one spot. Over twenty youngsters sat on the ground, smoking on cigarettes.

“You were amazing, Xena. You helped us get so much money two days ago, and now we have even more!” A man who wore a singlet and had a lollipop stuck into his mouth grinned.

Xena took a drag out of her cigarette. “Young Master Howard, don’t be so modest. It’s not like you’re lacking money. You’re the son of Mr. Howard of the Dragon Gods. Do you really place that much importance on a few million?”

“That’s right, Boss. You’re too modest. Your family has plenty of business around here. You just open your mouth and your old man will give you—what, a billion, ten billion? All for your expenses. That’s such an easy thing to do too!” A grunt spoke up, smiling.

“Is that really the same though?” The young master of the Howards chuckled, then he walked over to a beautiful young woman’s side. He cupped her chin, his lips curling. “My father earned his own money. I spend the money I earn myself. It gives me more comfort, and keeps me grounded! Besides, he’s such a miserable b*stard. He only gives me five million a month. How’s that enough!”

“No way. It’s way too little, especially for the son of the Dragon Gods. Your gang is considered one of the best around here. Of course, five million isn’t enough!” The grunt from before quickly said in a flattering tone.

They waited for another two minutes before Young Master Howard began to grow impatient. He glanced toward the direction of the city entrance. “Jeez, Nick and the others been gone for too long. Xena, can your sources be trusted?”

Xena leaned against a tree. “Of course,” she said, a wicked smile on her face. “Don’t you worry. That old couple will definitely deposit 3 million dollars!”


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