No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0281

Jack lit up a cigarette and took a slow drag out of it before he spoke leisurely. “I’ve never expected that you would mix around with such vermin, Xena. Plotting to steal money from Father and Mother? How dumb can you get?”

“Dumb?” Xena grew angry when she heard that. “You’re just a military man. I know you’re a skilled fighter. Ben had told me before. And so what? You’re just a bodyguard. You’re not that great.” She splayed her arms here. “At any rate, I don’t have money and I need money, and I want to get money. Was I wrong?” she continued. “I don’t think I’m dumb. I got 760 thousand dollars from the last lot alone, no?”

Since Jack had already found out, Xena decided to throw away all pretenses. “Do you understand? So what can you do to me? It would have been better for you to stay put. You’re just digging your own grave by coming here!”

“You’ve been with Ben for such a long time now. Do you really not have any feelings for him?” Anger sparked in Jack. Although he did not talk a lot to Ben, he could see that Ben truly liked Xena, and intended to marry her.

“Hmph. Feelings? What good are feelings? Do they feed me?” Xena folded her arms across her chest, a cruel smile lighting her lips. “He’s just a tool. If he wasn’t such a fantastic gamer, and if I, myself wasn’t interested in games, I would have dumped him a long time ago.”

However, she quickly thought of something: Jack came here alone. Did that mean that he did not have much evidence on her? It would be even better if Jack just died here, and her identity would not be revealed. Furthermore, there was a possibility that she could swindle that 3 million dollars into her hands. Of course, the two Porsches were worth a pretty penny too. It would be nice if she could sell them off.

“Young Master Howard, you can’t let this punk leave this place alive now that he’s here,” she said simply as she thought of all this. “My cover will be blown otherwise!”

“Hmph. Looks like you still intend to put that Ben to some use!” Young Master Howard said, grinning.

“Gee. Of course, it would be for the best if my cover wasn’t blown. What if it comes in handy later?” Xena said, smiling.

“Hmph. Don’t worry about it, and you don’t even have to mention it. That punk beat up four of our men. He’s not getting away today! Besides, he ruined my grand scheme of the day. Three million was just within our reach, and this little punk had to ruin it all! It’s been two years since I, Ruben Howard, came out to do business, and this is the first time I’ve tasted failure!” Ruben cracked his neck and scanned his surroundings. “This patch of forest isn’t too bad, and it’s pretty secluded. It’d be a great place for his grave!”

“Hmph. I’m just here for the 3.8 million dollars. But it looks like I’ll have to beat the arrogance out of you by trashing quite a few people around here!” Jack chuckled. He threw the cigarette onto the ground and stamped it out.

“Kill him!” Ruben waved his arm, declaring his order. “You’re just a military guy. What do you think you are? God? Today, you punk, you had the choice to take the easy way out. And yet you forced yourself into hell instead!”

In a flash, seven or eight grunts surrounded Jack.

“Boss, the old couple never had three million. It was just scrap paper and stuff like that in the pouch. No money. This punk lured us into a trap!” One of the men who had been beaten up earlier came before Ruben, reporting everything with the utmost vehemence.

“You’re pretty clever, punk!” Ruben flashed a chilling grin. His eyes contained nothing but pure venom. “You’d better make sure he gets beaten till he’s dead ten times over then.”

“No way. It was fake?” Xena was speechless. She had thought that she could swindle the three million dollars when she went back. She never expected it to be fake.

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