No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0283

“Although I’m not afraid even if I don’t use rocks, I still want to play around with you too!” Jack said lightly as if he did not give a sh*t about the other man.

“Not bad. Hah!” Ruben laughed and opened fire at Jack’s thigh.

In a blink of an eye, Jack flung his arm forward. The two pebbles shot forward. One of the rocks happened to hit the bullet, deflecting it. The other rock whacked straight into one of Ruben’s fingers.

“Ah!” Ruben shrieked. The finger that had been hit immediately snapped, as though he had been hit by a bullet. Half of the finger fell onto the ground. The sudden flare of pain made Ruben cry out in agony. The gun slipped from his grip and fell onto the ground as well.


“Young Master!”

The remaining men stared at the situation, goggle-eyed, wondering if this was real.

“F*ck! Kill him!” Ruben looked at the gun on the ground, then turned toward one of his men by his side. “Pick up that gun and kill that punk!” he snarled.

The man immediately bent over to pick the gun up. His body was still filled with shock. He did not know if it was a coincidence that the punk’s rock hit the bullet. As for Ruben’s finger, they did not see what had happened clearly. They suspected that the bullet had ricocheted and so happened to find its mark in Ruben’s finger.

While Ruben was yelling, Jack was already rushing toward his direction. He quickly reached the man at the speed of a cheetah. The man’s hand did not even reach the gun when Jack kicked him away. Jack then bent down and quickly snatched the gun, standing up and leveling the barrel at Ruben’s head.

At the moment, Ruben was in so much pain that cold sweat perspired down his forehead. Blood streamed down his hand. However, he had no thoughts for the wound on his hand. He had been the one aiming the gun but in a few seconds, that same gun was being aimed at his head instead. This abrupt turn of tables made his brain numb.

“Bo–boss, how–how could this happen?” The remaining men were terrified, at a loss of what to do. Two of the men were so scared that they wanted to take off, but they were afraid that even if Jack did not kill them when they ran away, the Dragon Gods would not let them go either. The Dragon Gods were a powerful force. They were an underground society, but their strength deterred even the aristocrats from provoking them.

“You’ll regret your decision if you kill me, punk! I’m telling you, I’m the son of Master Howard, the grandmaster of the Dragon Gods!” At this moment, although Ruben was terrified, he still showed some backbone, unwilling to give up.

“The Dragons Gods?” Jack’s forehead creased, thinking of a past incident. That Brother Scar and Ned and their men, who numbered about two hundred in total—did he not kill them all already? He never thought that the boss of the Motorbike Robbers would be the son of the grandmaster, Master Howard. What a coincidence.

Ruben’s chest loosened in relief when he saw that Jack did not speak. It looked like Jack was afraid now. After all, no one heard of the name of the Dragon Gods and claimed to be unafraid.

“What’s wrong? Afraid? Heh. Since you’re afraid, just give the gun to me, you punk!” Ruben smiled, then spoke.

“You think I’m dumb?” Jack said coldly.

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