No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0285

“Young Master Howard, right? ‘Does Jack dare to kill you?’ What do you think of this sentence right now?” A mirthless smile hung on Jack’s face. He said, “You could’ve just returned me the 3.8 million when I first asked, but now…”

“I-I’ll give you! Please spare me! I beg you!” Ruben knelt before Jack, petitioning for his pitiful life. He only realized how stupid of him to provoke a veteran now that he had experienced his viciousness first-hand.

“Fine. I’ll spare you. But make a call to your dear Father and ask him to send over 3.8 million dollars right now. It has to be 3.8 million, nothing less! I’ll be over for a joint. Let me warn you first, you better not play any dirty tricks! It would be useless after all. And you don’t want the Dragon Gods to be in trouble!” Jack continued in a lazy tone. Ruben’s thigh was severely wounded; the blood was practically spewing out from the gunshot wound.

He walked toward a big tree and stood under it, lighting up his joint casually and relaxingly.
He would not be merciful toward those who deserved to die. Hope and subtle joy sparked within Ruben as he watched Jack walking away. He was given an opportunity to make a phone call too!

Ruben immediately pulled his mobile phone out of his pocket with his hand covered in blood, dialing his father’s phone number. “Father! I’m dying! Quickly come and save me!”

Ruben cried into his mobile phone as soon as Howard picked up the call. “There’s a b*stard called Jack White! He wanted to kill me, Father! He will only spare my life if you bring him 3.8 million dollars in cash! Otherwise, I will be dead!”

“W-What!” On the other end of the line, Mr. Howard slammed the table at his son’s words and stood up abruptly from his chair. “What the f*ck! Who the h*ll is this Jack White? How dare him! Is he digging his own grave?”

Not long after, thoughts flashed through his mind and he said, “It’s strange, my son. You’re abducted right? If it’s an abduction, it’s impossible that the kidnapper only asks for 3.8 million dollars. You should be worth more than a billion!”

Ruben was speechless. Why on earth was his father still annoyed by the amount when his son’s life was at stake.

Ruben whispered into the phone, fearing that Jack would overhear it. “Father, the real situation was…” He explained. After explaining to Master Howard, Ruben continued, “Father, my leg got shot, bled a lot and it’s still bleeding! I can’t bear it much longer if you don’t send help over right now!”

“All right, my son! I will send someone to get you.” Master Howard responded, and then immediately ordered his men, “Son of b*tch! Send 300 men to get Young Master Howard and we will have to let that b*stard know the consequences of going against the Dragon Gods!” Master Howard gritted his teeth. He felt about to burst from rage. How dare this veteran provoked his men, and even shot his son!

This was not the worst. The most devastating news was that this veteran did not flinch even after knowing that the men belonged to Dragon Gods and Ruben was the Young Master of the Dragon Gods! This punk took the Dragon Gods clan lightly!

“N—no. Don’t!” Although Ruben was keen to kill Jack right now, he was not an idiot; he replied instantly, “No. You can’t send this many people, you will be waking up a sleeping wolf! We’re at a jungle outside of the city, and what if he saw these men from afar, and immediately shot me and then ran into the woods? Our men will find no one by the time they arrive! I will die in vain!”

Master Howard held his breath, listening to Ruben’s words. He was in a frantic state earlier on, only wanting to rescue his son, and let the b*stard know the consequences of provoking his clan, but did not think of this. Fortunately, the smart son of his reminded him of it. Ruben was right, if that b*stard saw so many people marching toward them, he would probably kill Ruben out of fear.

After some moment of thinking, he then said, “Hmmm. How about I send the five Tigers of the Dragon Gods over? They are all skilled combatants! It should not be a problem for them to rescue you out!”

There were a total of six skilled yet vicious men in the Dragon Gods. Any of them was skillful enough to defeat one hundred alone and even hundreds for some of them! They were widely known as the Six Tigers of the Dragon Gods, however Scar was killed recently and now there are only the Five Tigers left. Ruben truly believed that if the Five Tigers came here, Jack would be so dead!

“Hmmm. It’s better to bring the cash along too, to prevent anything bad from happening!” Ruben advised his father after giving some thought to the matter. At least the cash would make Jack let his guard down, it will make him think that we’re really using the cash to exchange my life! Otherwise, I fear that I will immediately end up a corpse when Jack does not see the money!” Ruben finally hung up after a few more words.

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