No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0289

However, the bald man was also violent. He immediately pulled the dagger out of his thigh while fresh blood spewed out like a geyser. He then took the dagger and started charging at Jack. When he charged with the dagger, he cracked a grin at the edge of his lips. That was because the attacks of three other men from the different directions had landed.

Four men except the bearded man with the broken arm were attacking Jack from four different directions. Four powerful foes had Jack surrounded and based on the angle of attacks, it would be impossible for anyone to dodge out of the way.Those other three men all felt like Jack could never escape this time.

However, all they could see in that instant was a blur. With a single jump, Jack’s movements were so fast, he contorted into a very odd position, completely avoiding their attacks. He then came behind one of them and with a sweeping kick, that man fell on the ground.

When the other three men realized something was amiss, Jack’s attacks were already in action. It did not take too long for those three men to fall on the ground.

There was another dagger in Jack’s hand. An ancient dragon picture was carved on the dagger’s body. His dagger was unimaginably sharp and just when all four men had just stood up, Jack made a full circle slash while those four men stood frozen on the same spot.

All four men slumped over immediately. Fear was still fresh in their eyes and a huge slash wound could be seen on their necks. Due to how fast Jack’s speed was, that dagger was not stained by blood and it took two to three seconds for the blood to start pouring from the slash wounds on their necks.

“No, impossible!” The bearded man who had a broken arm was so terrified, he was losing his composure. He never expected that even with a fully surrounded attack on Jack by five extremely powerful men, would end up like this.

He was skeptical that this guy was no ordinary veteran. This guy had to be insanely powerful, he might actually be a major. As he looked at the four corpses lying on the ground, the bearded man no longer cared if Young Master Ruben lived as he turned around to escape.

Unfortunately, even with the chances that Jack gave him, within two seconds, a slash wound could also be seen on the bearded man’s neck. He had the same frightened look as he slumped over on the ground. It was only then did Ruben realized just how terrifying Jack was.

The five tigers were all actually single-handedly murdered by him.

“No, impossible. Who exactly are you? If you’re not a marshal then you should be a King of War!” Ruben knew there was no escape for him since his leg was already injured. Although he was afraid, he had no intention to escape because his escape would be impossible.

“Originally, I was planning to let you live after getting my 3.8 million!” After Jack smiled, he added, “However, the condition we agreed on was for you to not play any tricks when I allowed you to make a phone call. I didn’t expect you to not appreciate your final chance. You only have yourself to blame!”

“Who exactly are you? Marshal or the King of War?” Ruben seemed displeased with his own death since he refused to believe Jack was a simply retired veteran.

However, the intel Xena told him this brat had merely served in the military for five years and he made some minor contributions, nothing significant enough.

“Guess higher!”

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