No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0290

Ruben had always thought he was quite intelligent. Therefore, if Jack was not a marshal, he would be a King of War. Since it was only in those situations could someone murder five of their Dragon God Clan powerhouse.

The position above the King of War would be the nine Gods of War. However, the identities of all of them were all announced on T.V. Hence, everyone knew who they were.

Amongst the nine of them, none were named Jack White and he wanted him to guess higher?

“No way? Could there be a tenth God of War? You weren’t made public?” Ruben frowned and he knew that he would be dead soon since Jack would never let him go. However, he wanted to know who exactly this guy was.

Suddenly he had a eureka moment as he gasped and said, “You, you’re the Supreme Warrior! Yes, that has to be it, the Supreme Warrior was originally planned to be made public but was canceled at the very last minute. Therefore, the identity of the Supreme Warrior had become a mystery!”

With that thought, Ruben’s heart was shocked. He never expected to cross the Supreme Warrior for a measly 3.8 million dollars. The existence of the Supreme Warrior was the peak of all of Daxia, one who was capable of calling the winds and rains on a whim.

“Haha!” Finally, he burst out laughing as he said, “I truly never expected that I will be able to meet the majestic Supreme Warrior. Alright, after gazing upon his true face, I have no regrets dying!”

After he was done speaking, he stood up while gritting his teeth and said, “Come on now, make it quick and painless, you’ll have my thanks!”

Jack never expected this kid would behave more like a man upon his death!

Jack made a backslash, turned around, and walked toward both leather boxes. He said, “I originally intended to completely level the Dragon God Clan but since you greeted death in such a manly way, I will allow your father and your relatives to live!”

Any man who showed no fear upon death was something Jack could respect regardless of any evil deeds that man had done. When he approached the leather boxes, Jack took out his cell phone and gave Lana a call. After leaving behind a message, he returned to the city with those boxes.

“You came back with the money?” When he just entered the courtyard, Fiona ran up to him excitedly.

When she noticed both leather boxes in Jack’s hands, Fiona was ecstatic as she said, “Awesome! It seems like my money has returned!”

After she was done speaking, she snatched the boxes over, placed them on the floor, and opened them to take a look.

“Holy sh*t, it’s really back. My money, oh my money!” Fiona was extremely emotional as she gave both stacks of money a kiss each.

“Oh mother-in-law, money is really dirty and it’s riddled with germs!” Jack let out a bitter chuckle as he reminded.

Fiona looked up and rolled her eyes at Jack before saying, “I don’t care if it’s riddled with germs or not even if it’s poisoned and as long as I’m poisoned to death by money, I’d be completely willing!”

Jack felt awkward after hearing that as he said, “You should hurry up and keep them away just to make sure no one else who walks by notices it. Money shouldn’t be exposed out in the public, do you understand?”

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