No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0291

“Right, right, right. You have a point!” Fiona frantically kept her money away and closed the box before saying, “You finally did something useful. You only used a day or two to retrieve the money I lost, it seems that you’re not so useless after all!”

“Not only is he useful, I think I’m starting to like him!” Andrew chuckled and hopped around twice before doing a few squats. He then said with a smile, “Look, Fiona, it’s all fine now and I’m like a normal person now. I can now jog with this leg!”

“It’s actually better now!” Fiona was also surprised since Jack claimed he could heal it in a week’s time and she did not expect it would actually heal. It was a miracle.

However, she soon thought about something as her expression dimmed. She said, “What’s there to be happy about? Your legs were normal in the first place anyway. It was all thanks to him that your leg ended up like that and now you’re actually happy? Hmph, it’s merciful enough to not have him repay the losses!”

“You’re right, Ma, this was my fault and I should reimburse the losses. Tell me, how much do you need?” Jack cracked a bitter laugh and did not take any of those remarks personally. That was because it was true that Andrew’s leg ended up like that due to him. If he did not sleep with Selena on their wedding night, their entire family would not have suffered for five whole years. Hence, it was well within reason for Fiona to blame him.

“Forget it then. Just focus on getting the 20 million prize money ready for the old master’s birthday. Don’t even think about us acknowledging you and even touching our Selena without the 20 million dollars!” Fiona exclaimed immediately. The more she thought about the horrible ordeal from back then, the more infuriated she became. She was starting to suspect if she had owed him in her past life to have caused a chain reaction for their family’s suffering.

“Don’t worry, don’t you worry. Not a penny less!” Jack nodded.

“Jack, a week has passed but you’ve only worked for over twenty days. Unless the Drake family agreed to give you an advance payment for your 20 million dollars wage, how else would you be able to fork out that much money?” Andrew’s attitude toward Jack had obviously changed drastically. At the very least from his observation in recent days, Jack was a great husband and an amazing father!

Moreover, not only was Jack skilled in combat, his medical skills were unparalleled. He never expected that Jack would be able to heal his leg when the specialists were unable to. So much so, he was not even required to take any medication. All he needed to do was to be massaged by Jack every morning while getting acupuncture with a few silver needles and his leg got progressively better. This was a miracle to him.

“Don’t worry, I will get the money for my father-in-law!” Jack laughed and said, “Miss Tanya is quite close to me and I believe if I tell her about it, she would have no problem giving me a two to three months advanced payment of my monthly wage!”

Andrew let out a sigh of relief after hearing it. “You can relax now. If he could fork out that much money, our daughter will never leave him then!”

“Young Master Michael mentioned that he’s willing to fork out 50 million dollars and can hold a spectacular wedding even! Hmph, I’m not actually hoping for him to be able to fork out this much cash!” Fiona seemed slightly unhappy.


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