No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0294

However at this very moment, a beautiful woman dressed in a sexy split-end gown while wearing a facemask arrived at the main entrance of the mansion.

Not long after, the man stationed at the entrance rushed in with a swollen and beaten face.

“Boss, boss, not good. A woman in a facemask said she wanted to see you!” The man said after rushing in while lowering his head.

“What happened to your face?” An elderly man asked immediately. This happened to be the residence of the boss of the Dragon God Clan and some elders, could anyone be here to seek trouble?

The man raised his head and said, “The body of this lady is incredible and even more so, she’s sexy too. So, a few of our guards wanted to rip her facemask off to take a look. Unexpectedly, however, this woman is insanely powerful. She defeated us without any effort. She even mentioned if she hadn’t seen you in three minutes, she would destroy our Dragon God Clan!”

“How bold of her!” That elderly man slammed the table after being infuriated. He then stood up immediately with an incredibly bitter look on his face and said, “This happens to be the Dragon God Clan and yet she boasts about destroying it? Who does she think she is?”

“A woman acting so arrogantly?” Mr. Howard’s expression dimmed as he said, “Let her come in then we’ll talk!”

Soon, Lana, who was wearing a facemask due to her fear of being recognized by people, arrived at the mansion’s lobby.

A hundred to two hundred people surrounded her with a serious look on as they stared at her.

Since this woman could so easily defeat more than ten people outside, earlier. Would a woman like this be normal? The most important thing was, none of the Five Tigers were currently present in their headquarters. This could mean trouble for them.

“Who are you? What do you want?” Mr. Howard asked with a frown.

“This lady and her body, why does she look so familiar?” After one of the men gave it some thought, he suddenly seemed to have recalled something as he exclaimed, “I remember, she’s the lady that spent 500 million to buy that luminous pearl at the auction!”

The Dragon God Clan was present at the auction back then. However, they never took part in it and were merely there to spectate. Although there were some wealthy merchants in the Dragon God Clan but they were involved in some underground business.

“You’re that mysterious lady?” Mr. Howard frowned and said, “What are you doing here? We have no business with each other!”

Lana looked at him and said, “Take your men and leave Eastfield. You are given a chance to live!”

Everyone gasped after hearing that. They did not expect that the first thing this woman would say could be something so arrogant by telling them to leave Eastfield!

“Who the hell are you? Do you have a deathwish for telling us to leave Eastfield?”

“You’re not too bad looking. Lady, are you looking for a boy toy, what do you think of me?” A bearded man had long since been attracted to Lana’s body as he could not hold back his teases.

Lana squinted her eyes then suddenly took a step forward and punched directly at the man’s chest. The man immediately flew off from the impact while coughing up blood. He died instantly.

Lana stared at the man coldly before taking her face mask off as she said, “I am only a messenger. Those Five Tigers of yours are already dead now. Oh, that’s right Mr. Howard, your son is also dead. You guys can stop waiting now. Telling you to leave is giving you guys a chance to live or else, everyone in the Dragon God Clan will die!”

Mr. Howard’s face turned inhumanly pale after hearing what she said as he took a few steps back from feeling completely terrified. He said, “No! Impossible! How is it possible for the Five Tigers to die? My son, were they unable to save him?”

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