No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0295

“Boss, Mr. Howard, look carefully. Who, who is that?” An elderly man finally recognized Lana. He was so startled by it, even his voice sounded shaky.

The most terrifying part of all was that Lana was merely a messenger. Who exactly could possibly make a God of War send a message on their behalf?

“God-Goddess of War, Lana!” After Mr. Howard took a careful look at the lady, he gasped.

When this majestic Goddess of War arrived at Eastfield, she would have the power to rule over life and death. It was unsure just how many powerhouses wanted to butter up to her. However, he never expected the Goddess of War would arrive at their Dragon God Clan. Based on reasoning, the arrival of the Goddess of War at their Dragon God Clan should be a good thing. Ironically, however, she turned out to be the bringer of their nightmares. He did not hesitate the slightest bit since these were the Goddess of War’s own words. Besides, the Goddess of War did not have that much time to make her way over just to provoke him.

Moreover, if their Five Tigers were actually dead, they would really have to leave Eastfield as soon as possible without the need of the Goddess of War to inform them. Or else, their enemies would no doubt show up soon. Without the protection of the Five Tigers, it would be open season for their Dragon God Clan.

“It’s, it’s really the Goddess of War!”

“Yeah, the Goddess of War made her way here personally and had us leave as soon as possible!”

“Good lord, who exactly did the young master cross? Since the Five Tigers were all murdered. Fortunately, that person is merciful enough to let us live!”

Everyone was completely terrified as they were all discussing it.

“Strange, since that person was so insanely terrifying, why would that person be willing to let us live? The motor robbers, my son, and even the Five Tigers were all killed, logically that person had no reason to let us go!”

Although this was a hard truth to accept, for the sake of the Howard family, Mr. Howard had no choice but to admit defeat. He knew that his son had crossed someone that was insanely powerful this time.

“He wanted me to tell you that because prior to your son’s death, he stood tall like a man and did not beg for mercy! Hence, he decided to let go of the remaining members of the Dragon God Clan! Leave now, the sooner the better or else, after people from other clans know that the Five Tigers are dead, you guys will have no way of escaping with anything!”

Lana swiftly put on her face mask then strode out of there.

Those people who surrounded her earlier opened up a path for her to leave.

“Hurry up! Pack your things and leave Eastfield as soon as possible. From this day on, our Dragon God Clan will be non-existent in Eastfield! Anyone unwilling to leave, well the Dragon God Clan has been disbanded! You guys can go anywhere you please. Anyone that wishes to come with me, you guys can leave with me!” Mr. Howard left a decisive order.

The corners of his eyes turned red at this moment. However, as a man, even if it was excruciatingly painful, he held back his tears.

“Dad, brother, he…” His only daughter had already dissolved into a puddle of tears as she sobbed.

“Sigh, we have no choice. Truly, we can’t afford to cross him. No! we can’t afford to at all! Letting us live and escape while intentionally bringing us a message is merciful enough!” Mr. Howard sighed and he felt in that instant, he had aged quite a lot.

“Young master is strong, he died like a man. Our lives are saved by him!” An elder on the other hand lamented, “The only thing is, who exactly could make a Goddess of War be his messenger. This is truly terrifying!”

“I didn’t expect our Eastfield would have such truly terrifying hidden forces!”

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