No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0297

The image of his savior lying in his arms manifested in Miss Tanya’s mind.

While she was in a trance, she did not realize a few Audis in front of her had suddenly stopped. Miss Tanya was so startled, she frantically stepped on the brakes. However, she still rear-ended one of the Audis.

“Miss Tanya, were you actually distracted from listening to my story?” Jack chuckled bitterly as he looked at the startled Miss Tanya beside him.

“It’s your fault for being so emotional in your story. I got distracted when I thought about your Comrade Bro!” Miss Tanya rolled her eyes at Jack before getting out of the car fuming.

Jack looked at the car plate of the car in front of them. It read B77777. It seemed the owner of this car was not as simple as they thought! Since Miss Tanya had only brought him along as her bodyguard, for Miss Tanya’s safety, Jack followed behind.

The owner of the car in front of them immediately got out of his car.

“How’d you learn to drive, woman? Godd*mmit, it’s a woman, can’t you watch the road?” After that man got out of the car, he started yelling at them.

A lot of people got out of the Audis in front of him. There were approximately more than ten people in total. All of them were wearing a white shirt, black jeans, and brightly shone leather shoes. All of them looked fresh and they were all bodyguards.

A different man who was wearing a pair of shades and a shirt with flower designs on it approached them. He said, “Pfft, what a beauty! She’s driving a Ferrari. Not bad, daughter of a wealthy man, right?”

“Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention earlier, also the car in front of me braked too early so…” Since it was her fault for causing the fender-bender and although it was not serious, Miss Tanya was quite sincere as she immediately apologized to him.

Of course, that person was not entirely free from blame because Jack noticed earlier that he braked immediately after switching lanes. This made him skeptical if that person was intentionally messing with Miss Tanya after noticing how beautiful Miss Tanya was. Moreover, that man with the flower shirt was the last person to get out of the car.

“this is a fender-bender you know? So, you think the law doesn’t apply to you just because you drive a Ferrari? I’m sorry but our family is extremely rich and a car like this, we have a few of them at home!” That man in a flower shirt scanned Miss Tanya before teasingly said, “You’re not that old, and your body’s not bad. So, how do you plan on paying for the damages?”

“Your car will be quite expensive to fix but in order to show my sincere apologies, I will transfer a hundred thousand dollars to you. So, what do you think?” After some thought, Miss Tanya spoke.

“A hundred thousand dollars? Are you donating to a beggar?” That man actually started laughing unexpectedly as he said that.

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