No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0298

Miss Tanya was speechless. This situation was not serious at all, and 100 thousand dollars should be enough. She never expected the man to reply the way he did.

Still, she gritted her teeth and suppressed her anger before saying, “500 thousand should be enough, yes? This is nothing more than an R8. Don’t take me for a fool who knows nothing about cars.”

The man merely chuckled. “You’re quite interesting, woman. You actually know cars! It seems you’re much better than a lot of the other female drivers.”

The man started cackling out loud before continuing, “So you think paying for the damages of my car will be alright for you? You rear-ended my car and startled me. You have to pay for the mental damage I sustained, don’t you know? Oh, that’s right, the work incapacitation fees as well. My time is incredibly precious, it’s worth millions!”

Those bodyguards started laughing after hearing that.

“So, girl, do you think 500 thousand is enough?” The man took a step closer while laughing sinisterly.

“A million, nothing more than that. Give me your account number and I’ll transfer it to you.” Though seething with anger, Miss Tanya had no intention of arguing with these people. She was seriously suspecting if these people were professional con-artists.

“A million?” She did not expect that the man would laugh again. “How is that enough?” he mocked. “You guys won’t be leaving until you give me 100 million!”

Miss Tanya was nervous as she heard that. This was not a con; it was a blatant scam.

“10 billion? You’re scamming people, aren’t you?” Jack could no longer watch. It seemed that man was bullying Miss Tanya with the greater number of men he had with him.This had gotten rather unreasonable.

“What are you talking about? Judging from your looks, you’re quite handsome. You don’t happen to be this lady’s boyfriend now, are you? Why don’t you pay 100 million for her?” The man laughed. He had a smug look on his face and did not seem to be taking Jack seriously.

Miss Tanya felt bashful as she heard that. “No, he’s not my boyfriend,” she frantically explained, “he’s only my bodyguard!”

“Oh, that means you don’t have a boyfriend yet, right? Well, isn’t that something,” he snickered. “Since you don’t have a boyfriend, why don’t you date me then?” The man grinned as he continued to speak to Miss Tanya.

“Do you know who she is? You’re even spouting nonsense about wanting to be her boyfriend.” Jack chuckled as he reminded him. The man was too oblivious to know who Miss Tanya really was.

Of course, it would be quite normal for the man to not know about Miss Tanya as the number plates from these cars showed they were from out of state and not locally from Eastfield. It was unsure if they came over to visit their relatives or for a vacation.

“I don’t care who she is. It has nothing to do with a trashy bodyguard like you, right? Besides, she only came out with a single bodyguard. It seems to me that her family background is quite average, so to speak! Don’t just judge by the expensive cars she’s driving. Average families would only drive these sports cars out to show. Judge for yourself to see who would casually travel with ten to twenty bodyguards, okay? Going out like this exemplifies a true wealthy person’s image!” The man dressed in a flower shirt grew more excited as he spoke to Miss Tanya, “Lady, you won’t be able to afford the 100 million pay, right? If you can’t, we can talk about payment with a different method!”

Miss Tanya gritted her teeth as she was boiling with anger. “Pardon, but I can afford 100 million. However, I won’t spare a single penny on the likes of you!”

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