No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0300

“That coward sure can run!” Jack let out a bitter chuckle as he stared at the leaving car.

“You, sir, are insane! If Harvey was in your position, he wouldn’t be able to solve the whole ordeal as quickly as you even if he’s skilled in combat!” After Tanya vented her pent-up frustrations, she instantly felt a lot better.

Jack chuckled heartily. “Can I not be insane for getting paid so much?” He then opened her car door and said, “Come, Miss Tanya, let’s continue shopping. Don’t be affected by a bunch of trash bags!”

Both of them left soon after and went shopping.

That young master dressed in a flower shirt soon made his way over to Ken’s house.

“You have to help me, cousin!” The man with the flower shirt cried and complained the moment he noticed Ken. “Look, I’m here for a fun vacation in your Eastfield, but I didn’t expect to be bullied before I even step foot in your house!” he grumbled.

Ken was already frustrated as he thought of ways he could get Selena. Now that he noticed Flynn’s presence here, he was quite impatient as he spoke, “What’s the matter? Who dares to bully you anyway? Weren’t you nicknamed Tiny Tyrant in your city? Your Bane family is still a second-class aristocratic family in Lone City, so how can someone be bold enough to bully you?”

Lone City was a huge city much larger than Eastfield. There were also more powerhouses in Lone City as compared to Eastfield. The first-class aristocratic families in Lone City had more power and were significantly stronger than the ones here.

Of course, the second-class aristocratic families in Lone City were only a tiny bit more powerful than the ones here. However, they were still incomparable to a first-class aristocratic family local to Eastfield.

“Some blind lady rear-ended my car. Not only did she refuse to repay the damages, but she even had her bodyguard hit me! Say, isn’t this infuriating or what? Thankfully this isn’t Lone City, or I’d have her pay up nonetheless!” Relaying his side of the story, he then whined, “Cousin, I’m here to have fun with you but I had an incident in your city, so you have to stand up for me!”

“So she knows to bring her bodyguard along and you don’t? No way, right? I remembered you enjoy going out with your bodyguard, right? Why didn’t you go out with yours today?” Ken felt puzzled as he frowned.

“I did; brought more than ten even. Who knew those useless trash bags I brought can’t even defeat one guy! It seems that her bodyguard should be the more powerful one among the bodyguards!” After Young Master Flynn finished speaking, he looked at the front door and said, “Look, those bodyguards of mine haven’t even arrived here yet. They can’t even stand back up after a punch. Truly humiliating.”

Young Master Flynn was clueless to how bad the injuries were for his bodyguards. They were all currently hospitalized and it would take them a month or two to recover.

“She wouldn’t be that unreasonable, right? She rear-ended you and was able to afford a bodyguard, so it would be unlikely that she can’t afford to pay you back, right? Also, your car isn’t too expensive today, right?”

Ken was no fool and he was aware of what kind of a person his cousin was. He said, “Speak now: what exactly happened? You wouldn’t be drooling over that person’s looks to have caused the current situation you’re in now… Right?”

Young Master Flynn chuckled bashfully and said, “Cousin, let me tell you just how amazing this woman looked. Moreover, there’s this elegance from her body and she doesn’t seem too old. As for her body, though… Oh boy, what a body. A simple twitch from her was exceedingly charming and adorable.”

As he spoke, Young Master Flynn had almost ran out of drool to spill as he continued, “The truth is that I was just toying with her and told her to be my girlfriend, but not only did she blatantly rejected me, but she even told me that I’m daydreaming!”

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